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The Verge Mobile Podcast 020 - 03.20.2012

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It's The Verge Mobile Podcast number Twenty - XX - 20.

Mobile Podcast Throwback
Mobile Podcast Throwback

Every twentieth podcast, each Verge Podcast District must choose one Podcaster to send to The Verge Podcasting Arena in New York City to podcast to death against his fellow Podcasters. In this way, Podcasters are reminded of the brutal genocide Joshua Topolsky brought against the Podcasts many moons ago as punishment for breaking a critical series of nondisclosure agreements. Fortunately, Chris, Dieter and Vlad are all Career Podcasters, bringing the Verge Mobile Podcasting District a glimmer of hope that their Podcaster might return to the Podcast in the coming weeks bruised, but not felled, by the Vergecast's chosen Podcaster. May the odds be forever in Mobile's favor.

Song: El Remolón - Riki Tiki (ZZK Records)