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Ovi Share being shut down on May 30th, save your data now

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Nokia's Ovi Share cloud file storage service is being shut down on May 30th, and all data will be deleted. Users will be unable to upload files after March 13th.

Ovi Share Nokia
Ovi Share Nokia

Nokia's Dropbox-like media hosting service Ovi Share is being discontinued on May 30th, and users won't be able to upload any files past March 13th. Nokia says in a blog post that the closure is a business decision — one that meshes well with CEO Stephen Elop's plans to streamline the company and focus on Windows Phone. The move would make sense to us if the Microsoft-Nokia duo offered a SkyDrive app for Symbian users to replace the outgoing service, but no such thing was included when a selection of Microsoft apps recently made their way over to (Symbian) Belle. If you've got any data stored in Ovi Share, be sure to save your files locally before the service is shut down for good, or else you'll lose everything.