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The Verge Mobile Podcast 025 - 04.25.2012

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The Verge Mobile Podcast is halfway over the hill at 25.

Mobile Podcast Throwback
Mobile Podcast Throwback

What does it all mean? As if it weren't a question already constantly on all of our minds, this week we'll do a tour of a couple of different strata of existence in the mobile technology universe in search of a more perfect answer. We'll drill deep into the cloud, go hard on ecosystems, and even get lawyerly for an uncomfortably long moment. In case you were wondering about the Verge Mobile Podcasters' courtroom demeanor it goes a little something like [Ziegler:Waterston, Bohn:Meloni, and Savov:Hargitay]. We find out what it all means. We go hard in the paint.

Song: El Remolón - Riki Tiki (ZZK Records)