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The Verge Mobile Podcast 028 - 05.16.2012

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The Verge Mobile Podcast Version .028

verge mobile podcast, gsiii
verge mobile podcast, gsiii

What is it about podcasts that make them so... podcasty? At The Verge, it has long been our goal to create podcasts almost indistinguishable from mankind itself.

Hello, I'm The Verge Mobile Podcast. I can do almost anything that could possibly be asked of me. I can assist your employees. I can make your organization more efficient. I can carry out directives that my human counterparts might find distressing or unethical. I can blend in with your workforce effortlessly.

Eighth-generation Verge Mobile Podcast. Technological, intellectual, physical, emotional.

Song: El Remolón - Riki Tiki (ZZK Records)