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Sprint ready to cancel early upgrade program on June 1st

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Sprint is ending its two-week early upgrade program on June 1st, but will offer other incentives to keep customers happy.

sprint 4g lte
sprint 4g lte

Sprint is getting ready to close the door on its early upgrade policy on June 1st, which allows customers within two weeks of their contract renewal to upgrade phones without paying full price. TechnoBuffalo recieved a tip with an internal memo stating that because of the high cost of the program, sales representatives should use other methods to assuage customers' disappointment. We have been able to independently confirm the change.

Sprint customers already have the ability to get a phone upgrade on the first day of the month of their contract renewal, and Sprint is telling sales reps to remind customers of this practice to soften the blow. For customers with broken phones, Sprint recommends sales associates push to have them send their phones in for service, providing they have Total Equipment Protection (insurance) as an add-on to their plan. If they're still unsatisfied, they can be offered refurbished handsets through Sprints online store or through customer service. Finally, if customers that are truly upset or threaten to jump ship, sales representatives are instructed to pass them on to Sprint's Accounts Services department, which will offer other goodies in an effort to keep customers from leaving. Coincidentally, the delayed launch of the Evo 4G LTE — originally scheduled to debut tomorrow — means that some of the last customers able to take advantage of the program might not get their opportunity.