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HTC's next-generation One compared to current smartphone in leaked video

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htc one video leak
htc one video leak

Three weeks ahead of its official announcement, the 2014 HTC One is making its video debut. A developer edition of HTC's next flagship phone has been fully detailed in a 12-minute video posted to YouTube overnight. While the original upload has since been removed, copies of it have inevitably been retained and reposted to Google's video hub.

As the leaked press images have already hinted, the new One appears to be a subtly redesigned version of the 2013 handset that shares its name. The sides of the new phone look to be a little softer and the back slightly curvier, while the display has apparently been enlarged from 4.7 to 5 inches. The headphone jack can now be found at the bottom of the phone, The top has a black plastic panel, and the side includes a microSD card slot.

"BlinkFeed is actually really cool now."

As to the software and performance, the person handling the One (also known under the codename M8) says that HTC's BlinkFeed is "actually really cool now" and describes the camera as "spectacular." It's still not entirely clear what the second camera sensor on the back of the phone is used for, however it seems like focusing speed and image quality have both been upgraded from HTC's current flagship.

With a folder of AT&T apps on the home screen and the video reviewer using the device on T-Mobile, it's almost a certainty that HTC's next flagship will be on the two biggest GSM networks in the US, while a recent tweet from Evleaks indicates it'll be available from Verizon as well. The 2013 One took a few months before hitting Verizon's network last year, which HTC will surely be aiming to avoid with the launch of its next big phone.