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Movie Review

Are you looking for recommendations about the best and worst in current film releases? Our movie reviews try to get past brief opinions and dig into why a given movie works, and what it has to offer.

Nightmare of the Wolf captures the soul of The Witcher, even without Geralt

Shang-Chi made me excited about the Marvel Cinematic Universe again

I’m ready for Shang-Chi to meet Thor

Free Guy is like a AAA game: fun, goofy, and doing narrative backflips to make a guy the lead

Ryan Reynolds is an oblivious NPC in a flashy video game-themed action flick

Jungle Cruise desperately wants to be The Mummy

The adventure flick based on a ride has lofty and often entertaining aspirations

Black Widow injects a little James Bond into the MCU

Natasha Romanoff finally gets her standalone film

Pixar’s Luca is the perfect summer movie

Disney’s Cruella is absolutely absurd

The Mortal Kombat movie is at its best when it mimics the games

Hulu’s WeWork documentary gives us Adam Neumann and little else

With Disney’s Raya and the Last Dragon, I feel seen 

A Glitch in the Matrix is quirky, creepy, and way too unreal

The Pink Cloud is an eerily prescient sci-fi movie about being stuck in quarantine

Cryptozoo’s stunning animation isn’t enough to save it from a meandering story 

Prisoners of the Ghostland is destined to be the next Nic Cage cult movie

Censor finds eerie horror in an ‘80s moral panic

Lupin III: The First is the perfect holiday adventure

Steve McQueen’s film series Small Axe is an intimate experience

The Personal History of David Copperfield is a beautiful new take on a classic story

Netflix’s Rebecca flattens a classic

The Trial of the Chicago 7 doesn’t know who its villain is

Sorkin’s latest film is a good movie about injustice, but it stops just short of reaching the profound

In Enola Holmes, Sherlock’s kid sister solves a pretty good case of her own 

The Devil All the Time is only good some of the time

Mulan is the year’s most beautiful letdown

Telling people to delete Facebook won’t fix the internet

In She Dies Tomorrow, figuring out how to spend your last day is really damn hard

Meet Walter Mercado, a Latinx wizard who changed TV forever

Palm Springs is the perfect comedy for a world where nothing matters anymore

In Netflix’s The Lovebirds, jokes come first, romance comes second

Crip Camp reminds us that, in America, nothing improves without massive sacrifice

Bloodshot never had a chance of starting a new cinematic universe

The Invisible Man haunts us the way abusers always have

Onward is a perfectly fine Pixar movie with a bizarre twist