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Movie Review

Are you looking for recommendations about the best and worst in current film releases? Our movie reviews try to get past brief opinions and dig into why a given movie works, and what it has to offer.

Bloodshot never had a chance of starting a new cinematic universe

The Invisible Man haunts us the way abusers always have

Onward is a perfectly fine Pixar movie with a bizarre twist

Portrait of a Lady on Fire is a queer romance that dares you to listen closely

Sonic the Hedgehog review: fast casual

This stream has:

Sundance 2020: reviews from the annual indie film festival

La Llorona review: not the ghost story you’re expecting

Birds of Prey is DC’s first good action movie

Shirley is a gothic drama about Shirley Jackson’s haunted life

Pepe the Frog died, and part of the internet died with him

Tesla review: a weird, fourth-wall-breaking take on the internet’s favorite inventor

Weathering With You wraps our climate crisis around a love story

Zola review: proof that a viral Twitter thread can make a great movie

Spree review: in search of an audience

Dolittle will delight small children and drive adults mad

Bad Boys for Life is the year’s first pleasant surprise

1917 turns a nightmare war into a theme park showcase

Jumanji: The Next Level is a body-swapping delight

Uncut Gems review: chaotic good

Marriage Story brings rom-com energy to the agony of divorce

Knives Out is a great mystery that fumbles its big finish

The killer app horror film Countdown takes a shallow look at technological fears

The Current War is basically Amadeus for electricity

Zombieland: Double Tap is a shambling, half-revived mess of a sequel

Maleficent: Mistress of Evil is boldly bonkers

El Camino adds no redemption to Breaking Bad, but ups the insight into Jesse Pinkman

Ang Lee puts Will Smith through the digital wringer in the dizzying Gemini Man

The evil-smartphone movie Jexi doesn’t understand why people like technology

The painfully generic new animated Addams Family deserves no snaps

In Search of Darkness sets out to be the definitive 1980s horror doc — and mostly succeeds

Love it or hate it, the Joker movie presents a tempting fantasy

It’s a persecution complex turned wish-fulfillment power trip

In Noah Hawley’s astronaut drama Lucy in the Sky, the aspect ratio is the real star