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Senate passes Music Modernization Act

Pandora’s newest playlist The Drop sounds a lot like Spotify’s Release Radar

Circuit bending: Hacking a Furby in the name of music

Apple Music is easier to use and has more personalized features in iOS 12

SoundCloud’s new personalized playlist is serving up unlicensed mashups

Apple Music now does a much better job of showing artists’ albums

Apple Music is adding global charts

How AI-generated music is changing the way hits are made

Snapchat now lets you send musical GIFs

Things I might buy because I’m easily impressionable

Inside Imogen Heap’s cutting-edge VR concert

Our new video series Future of Music launches this week

Ariana Grande’s new album has a hidden tribute to victims of the Manchester bombing

Doja Cat’s viral hit ‘Mooo!’ is the perfect meme banger about cows

Spotify might let free users skip all ads

Pandora’s podcast genome project could launch by the end of the year

Drake’s In My Feelings music video thanks the internet for blowing the song up

Facebook might start holding singing competitions among its users

This bouncy ball is a MIDI controller you can use to make beats

Feds ask people to stop climbing out of cars and dancing to Drake

Fyre Festival founder Billy McFarland settles with SEC, must repay $27.4 million

GUNSHIP’s retro synth music is deeply rooted in geek nostalgia

Sonos launches AirPlay 2 support for latest speakers

This photo of people taking photos haunts me

Drake’s Scorpion pulls in over 1 billion streams in its first week

The AudioKit Synth One is a pro-level iPad synth that’s completely free

Drake’s Scorpion breaks Apple Music’s single-day streaming record with over 170 million streams

On Scorpion, Drake rages against the internet

What’s in your bag, Lakeith Stanfield?

A star of Get Out, Atlanta, and now Sorry to Bother You breaks down the contents of his fanny pack.

Three years later, Tidal is still waiting for its big wave

GarageBand’s new update includes 1,000 new loops and makes Artist Lessons free

Akon wants to found a ‘real-life Wakanda’ based around his cryptocurrency AKoin