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NAMM 2020

Live coverage from the year’s biggest music conference: NAMM in Anaheim, California. Every January brings the newest in DJ gear from Pioneer DJ, Native Instruments, and more; synthesizers from the likes of Moog and Yamaha; wearable tech to enhance your music by companies like Genkii and Enhancia; and lately, demos on how AI continues to prove it’s a permanent fixture in the music-making process. The year in music tech starts here.

How to design a tour good enough for Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, or J.Lo

The company behind some of music’s biggest spectacles

Moog’s new synth promises big bass in a pint-sized machine

Pioneer DJ’s new mixer isn’t for the average DJ

Akai’s MPC One is a cheaper and smaller music-making machine

Solid State Logic put its pro tech into tiny audio interfaces for bedroom producers

Roland made the Cybertruck of grand pianos

Noise-canceling DJ headphones are here

Roland’s A-88MKII keyboard is a sign that MIDI 2.0 is on the way

The mixing secrets behind Cardi B’s Grammy-winning album

Leslie Brathwaite is the mix engineer for Invasion of Privacy

Our favorite affordable synths from NAMM 2019

The hairstyles of the 2019 NAMM show

Five affordable new gadgets and apps for bedroom producers

The music industry is fighting for its analog soul

Moog’s new analog synth is more than just a growling bass machine

This mouth-controlled synthesizer is the wildest instrument I’ve ever heard

Native Instruments’ new keyboard controller is affordable and backpack-ready