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With nearly 150 million subscribers around the world, Netflix has a commanding lead in the streaming wars. But it’s also facing heavy competition from deep-pocketed conglomerates like Disney, Apple, and AT&T, and an ongoing wave of narrow, targeted streaming sites like CBS All Access and DC Universe, which can draw on popular existing franchises for original content. As fewer companies are willing to license out their films and shows to other streaming sites, Netflix is pouring billions of dollars annually into its own original content. Follow along with The Verge as we look at Netflix’s new films and shows, its evolving strategies against new entrants in the market, and how it’s leveraging its technological and marketing lead.

Millie Bobby Brown to star in Netflix sci-fi movie directed by the Russo brothers


The Future Of: The Verge’s Netflix show about the future of everything is now streaming

Money Heist: Korea serves up a promising, lively crossover

Part 1 offers more questions than answers

Netflix confirms an ad-supported tier is really, actually happening

Acclaimed strategy game Into the Breach comes to mobile via Netflix

Netflix cuts around 300 jobs after losing subscribers

Kate Bush loves that Stranger Things is introducing the youth to her music

Everyone’s ready to die on that hill in Stranger Things 4 Volume 2’s first trailer

Uncharted will fly out of a plane screaming and onto Netflix in July

Dead End: Paranormal Park’s one of those fantastic queer cartoons you’re always hearing about

Netflix’s Spiderhead makes its dystopic sci-fi vision seem playful

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The best entertainment of 2022

Everything to play and watch this year

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The Umbrella Academy’s excellent third season is an apocalyptic transition of power

Netflix is turning Squid Game into a real-life game show, surprising no one

Netflix’s Knives Out sequel now has a title, and it’ll be out this holiday season

Squid Game season two is finally, officially announced for Netflix

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All the biggest news from Netflix Geeked Week 2022

Sandman, Umbrella Academy, Resident Evil, and much more

Netflix shows off Sonic Prime and an impressive lineup of indie games

Dragon Age gets a new anime on Netflix

Watch the first trailer for the Cyberpunk: Edgerunners anime

Entergalactic’s first trailer shows off a trippy musical ride

Netflix is getting an animated Ghostbusters show from the minds behind Afterlife

Netflix’s The School for Good and Evil welcomes its newest class in new clip

First look at Netflix’s Wendell & Wild

Day Shift’s new behind-the-scenes teaser promises one hell of a vampire-hunting ride

Netflix’s The Sandman wakes and dreams of freedom in new trailer

The newest trailer for Netflix’s Resident Evil show is all Umbrella Corporation PR spin

New One Piece teaser shows off how Netflix’s adaptation will bring Eiichiro Oda’s art to life

Mike Flanagan’s The Midnight Club is summoning something shady in its first teaser

Wednesday’s first trailer is here to get you through yet another Monday

Love, Death and Robots’ most beautiful episode was ‘a love letter to Moebius’

Netflix is finally taking a page from the rest of Hollywood