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Here’s where you can buy a Nintendo Switch

Banjo-Kazooie returns to Nintendo hardware this week

HBO Max monthly plans are 20 percent off for a limited time

Nintendo Switch eShop is back online after experiencing outages on Christmas Day

10 great games for your new Switch OLED

The best games to play together or alone

PSA: you can now buy a Nintendo Switch OLED or an Xbox Series S without the hassle

Nintendo adds five new Sega Genesis games to its Switch Online Expansion Pack

Nintendo’s latest indie announcements include Chicory and Omori on the Switch

Analogue Pocket will soon let you save Game Boy Camera photos to an SD card

Nintendo Switch and Xbox Series take top slots in US console sales as shortages continue

Nintendo will sell you the Switch OLED’s dock with built-in ethernet

The biggest news and trailers from the 2021 Game Awards

Another busy night

Masahiro Sakurai on the future of Smash: ‘I’ve been doing too much of the work myself’

Bowser agrees to $10 million fine for selling Nintendo Switch hacks

Buy two Nintendo Switch games and get one free at Best Buy

Pokémon Go now runs much smoother on iPhones

The next N64 game for Nintendo Switch Online is Paper Mario

Nintendo’s new Big Brain Academy turns brainteasers into a party game

The Apple Watch Series 6 is still available for $100 off at Best Buy

In Animal Crossing, holiday shopping is ‘Nook Friday,’ not Black Friday

Chris Pratt can be Mario because they’ve apparently got that whole Italian thing figured out

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Nintendo’s Black Friday deals on games and consoles have begun

Why the PS5 paywall isn’t worthwhile at Amazon, Walmart, or Best Buy

Mario Kart Live’s 2.0 update makes multiplayer much easier and cheaper

Nintendo’s latest Pokémon remakes are perfectly fine versions of great games

Nintendo’s new Game & Watch is the cutest way to play classic Zelda games

The Nintendo Switch is back on top in the US after OLED launch

The global chip shortage is a nightmare before Christmas

Gaming companies big and small are going to be feeling the sting well into next year

Twitch is now on the Switch

Animal Crossing’s new turnip price tracker doesn’t tell you the most important thing

Animal Crossing’s big update has sucked me back in

Nintendo says its next ‘gaming system’ will release in the year 20XX