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You can buy the Oculus Quest 2 again following a pause in sales

New Oculus Quest feature can automatically sync VR photos and video clips to your phone

Facebook can project your eyes onto a VR headset, and it’s exactly as uncanny as it sounds

Buying an Oculus headset to help get your Facebook account back is a risky move

Facebook is giving the Oculus Quest 2 a storage bump and recalling its foam face masks

Oculus’ Passthrough API will enable experiences that mix VR and the real world

The latest Oculus Quest update lets you easily invite others to play

The one developer who publicly agreed to try Facebook’s VR ads is already backing away

New Oculus Quest update adds multitasking and wireless streaming for original headset

Three big questions about Facebook’s new VR ads

Zuckerberg says original Oculus Quest will get Air Link wireless streaming

Unplugged lets you play air guitar in VR this fall

Facebook just bought the Fortnite of VR

Oculus’ latest Quest update lets you record gameplay and yourself at the same time

Hugo Barra is leaving Facebook

WNBA to stream games on Twitter, Facebook, and Paramount Plus

Facebook acquires the developers of VR military simulator Onward

How to use your Oculus Quest 2 to play any PC VR game wirelessly

SideQuest’s new Android app can sideload VR games to your Oculus Quest

Video game industry wins first Oscar with documentary short Colette

Oculus has turned on wireless PC streaming for the Quest 2

Oculus is rolling out its new and more expressive avatars starting today

Appearing first in three games for Quest

Apple’s Smart Keyboard Folio Case for the 11-inch iPad Pro is discounted for Verge readers

Capcom’s Resident Evil 4 VR remake launches later this year

Facebook says no ‘Oculus Quest Pro’ this year

A Resident Evil 4 VR remake is launching on Oculus Quest 2

Oculus now allows developers to sell subscriptions to their Quest apps and games

Grab a full year of PlayStation Plus for only $27

Facebook says it’s no longer replenishing Oculus Rift S supplies

Amazon’s Echo Show 8 smart display is over 40 percent off at several retailers

Mark Zuckerberg says realistic avatars are Facebook’s next big VR bet

Get a refurbished Oculus Quest with a one-year warranty for under $200 today