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One Video

The OnePlus Watch gets an always-on display — at the cost of half its battery life

Courtney Barnett floats off into space in Need a Little Time

Kelela’s Frontline video feels like the Sims at the end of the world

Kendrick Lamar’s latest Black Panther music video is full of old gadgets and magic

Paramore stars in a demented morning show in the video for Rose-Colored Boy

Kate Nash cracks up in the woods in the video for Drink About You

In Kali Uchis’ After the Storm video, money can buy love

Maroon 5 discovers Snapchat filters in the music video for Wait

Ansel Elgort’s new rap video is more fun than Taylor Swift’s new rap video

Justin Timberlake leads a tech keynote in 2028 in the video for Filthy

Kendrick Lamar’s new video is an ad for Black Panther — also for love!

Watch Phoebe Bridgers and Conor Oberst dance in a magical cowboy crayon world

The music videos from 2017 that we most need you to watch

The video for Motorsport has Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, and flying Lyfts

Demi Lovato’s Tell Me You Love Me is a Lifetime movie you can watch at your desk

The Lil Uzi Vert parody about cell biology is the best music video of the week

Selena Gomez’s new video is a semi-flirty FaceTime call with you

Big Shaq’s meme-machine single Man’s Not Hot gets a video featuring DJ Khaled and lots of jackets

Young Thug tames a horse in the candlelit video for Family Don’t Matter

Brockhampton’s latest video is a spooky séance for fall

Fergie is a chill, stoner murderer in the stop-motion video for Love is Blind

Perfume Genius’ Wreath video is an ecstatic collage of his fans’ best dance moves

Lana Del Rey’s White Mustang turns LA into a retro-futurist dreamscape

Explore a magical statue garden in Oyinda’s new 360-degree music video

St. Vincent pets a swan and burns salad in the colorful video for New York

Taylor Swift’s new lyric video is a good argument for not making lyric videos

Lil Peep’s new music video is a lil gift to all the cry babies out there

The Shins make stop motion out of stickers in Half a Million

YouTube prodigy MattyBRaps is making Aaron Carter music videos in 2017

Who would you cast in your shot-for-shot remake of Charli XCX’s Boys video?

K-pop band Exo’s latest video is a fan artist’s dream

Travis Scott explains chaos theory with a Lamborghini and animated butterflies