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In an age where social media has more immediate influence than industry recognition, why do the Oscars still matter? Because they're a bellwether of what Hollywood values. The annual Academy Awards — the American film industry's highest honor for aesthetic and technical achievement in movies — are a solid predictor of what the film world wants to recognize and emulate. And recently, the Oscars have also become a social battleground, as questions of diversity have surrounded the nomination process and the winners. The Verge follows what's important about the Oscars on a social and cultural level, looking at how present conversations around the awards are helping shape the future of entertainment.

Turns out you can win an Oscar even if you’re a messy editor

As a video person myself, I absolutely love seeing screenshots of Adobe Premiere timelines from major movies. For one, it’s weirdly mesmerizing, and two... sometimes it makes me feel better about my own organized mess.

Here’s a short snippet where Paul Rogers, the editor of Everything Everywhere All At Once, talks about his workflow. (Also, be sure to check the replies to that tweet to see some other examples.)

Oscars 2023: Everything Everywhere All at Once did the thing many times over

Everything Everywhere All At Once and All Quiet on the Western Front cleaned up very nicely at an Oscars that felt like a return to simpler times.

Jazz hands are out; hot dog hands are in.

Best Supporting Actress nominee Stephanie Hsu might not have won at this year’s Oscars for her performance in Everything Everywhere All At Once. But she, and David Byrne, and David Byrne’s pair of hot dog fingers absolutely brought the house down with their performance of ‘This Is a Life.’

95th Annual Academy Awards - Show
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images