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Cameras and Photography

Digital cameras changed photography, and now smartphones are changing digital cameras. There’s never been more interesting ways to take a picture or record a video, and there’s also never been more ways to view those images. We’re focused on finding the most interesting innovations happening in all parts of photography.

Facebook plans first smartwatch for next summer with two cameras, heart rate monitor

A detachable display with cameras for capturing video without your phone

I broke off a tiny piece of the world with a self-flying drone

And stuck it into the computer

How to choose an alternative to Google Photos — if you want one

How bad is Google Photos’ compression anyway?

Some quick tests as Google ends its free storage offer

SanDisk’s new card reader dock is all I could ever want and more

I don’t want to know the price

Panasonic teases a GH6 and focuses on streaming with the GH5 Mark II

Google Photos finally stops pretending its compressed photos are ‘high quality’

Sharp’s new flagship phone has a giant 1-inch camera sensor and Leica branding

PSA: you’ve only got a few more weeks to upload unlimited pictures to Google Photos for free

Sony’s new prime lenses are the small saviors I’ve been looking for

Fujifilm is releasing a Nintendo-themed Instax printer

Polaroid’s new analog instant camera is its smallest yet

Camera footage from wolf’s collar reveals a very good boy