TomTom wants you to 'shake to edit' videos with its new action camera

Sean O'Kane April 29, 2015 01:08 pm04.29.2015 1

When it comes to action cameras, GoPro has a commanding lead that's still growing — just yesterday we learned that GoPro started 2015 with its second-highest sales quarter ever. But as GoPro starts turning...

Another company enters a crowded market

GoPro just bought a virtual reality company

Sean O'Kane April 28, 2015 04:00 pm04.28.2015 3

The world's leading action camera company just took its first major step into the growing virtual reality market. GoPro just announced that it has purchased Kolor, a French company that specializes in...

Will this help VR go mainstream?

The best way to manage your photos online in 2015

Casey Newton April 29, 2015 10:00 am04.29.2015 187

In August 2013, we reviewed the best services for storing your photos in the cloud. Nearly two years later, much has changed. Everpix, our pick for average users, went out of business. Picturelife, our...

Photos are some of the most important files you’ll ever create

Instagram releases three new filters and more are coming more often

Jacob Kastrenakes April 27, 2015 01:00 pm04.27.2015 20

Some good news for Instagram fans: three new photo filters are arriving today, and Instagram plans to keep adding more in the near future. The app has gone for long periods of time without adding new...

Two filters released in December are now Instagram's most popular

Has Lomography made the best instant camera yet?

Sam Byford April 22, 2015 08:54 am04.22.2015 16

Look, I know today’s digital cameras are amazing. I know you can get 50-megapixel sensors, hybrid viewfinders, and see-in-the-dark video capabilities, and I know it’s easier than ever to share the stunning...

The Lomo Instant is here

New Zeiss Sony lenses have built-in OLED displays

Sam Byford April 22, 2015 05:13 am04.22.2015 46

There's a new line of Zeiss lenses on the way for Sony Alpha mirrorless cameras, and they come with a weird twist. The full-frame autofocus Batis lenses have built-in OLED screens that can display...

Useful? Maybe. Cool? Probably

Lightroom 6 arrives with performance improvements and new tools

Sean O'Kane April 21, 2015 12:01 pm04.21.2015 62

Photographers and photo editors are about to hear some long-awaited news: Lightroom 6 is now available. It's available as part of an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription — where it's called "Lightroom CC"...

It's here at last

Leica has a new $7,450 camera that only shoots in black and white

read the feature

Here's what LG's 'professional' G4 smartphone camera can do

Vlad Savov April 20, 2015 07:41 am04.20.2015 51

April 28th is the biggest day of the year for LG's mobile unit, marking the launch of the Korean company's flagship smartphone for 2015, the G4. In the buildup to the event, LG has dished out most of the...

The leather-clad camera pro approaches

This terrifying video was filmed with the world's first self-powered camera

Sean O'Kane April 15, 2015 12:21 pm04.15.2015 25

This video isn't just a little bit terrifying, it's the product of a prototype camera that can continually power itself — without using a battery.

When a camera sensor is exposed to light, the pixels use...

Batteries not included

Garmin's new action cameras offer a rugged alternative to GoPro

Sean O'Kane April 13, 2015 07:00 am04.13.2015 7

GoPro is the first company most people think about when they hear the words "action camera," but that doesn't mean its competition can't find clever ways to sell their products. Garmin tried this with its...

Long battery life and lots of features

Google’s Snapseed photo app gets its first major update in two years

Chris Welch April 9, 2015 01:27 pm04.09.2015 14

The Google-owned Snapseed photo editing app has received a major update today, which promises to deliver "the precision and control of professional photo editing software on your phone or tablet." The new...

New tools and non-destructive editing

LG G4 camera gets a resolution bump to match Galaxy S6

Vlad Savov April 9, 2015 03:19 am04.09.2015 33

In classic LG fashion, the upcoming flagship G4 smartphone is being gradually revealed in a trickle of small announcements detailing its new features and specs. Earlier this week, we found out that the G4...

"It receives 80 percent more light than in the highly praised camera found on the LG G3." LG
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