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Fujifilm X10 hitting store shelves in early November for $599

Fujifilm announces pricing and availability on its high-end point and shoot, the X10.

Fujifilm X10
Fujifilm X10

Fujifilm announced its retro-looking Finepix X10 camera back in early September, and today has announced that the camera will be available in early November. The X10, a more affordable version of Fujifilm's X100, has a 12 megapixel EXR CMOS sensor, a 4x manual zoom lens, an optical viewfinder, and it shoots 1080p video. The camera's also got a black magnesium alloy housing which makes the whole package incredibly appealing for a high end point-and-shoot.

Though no firm date has been announced, Fujifilm says the X10 will be available in early November and it's going to run $599.95.