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Nikon: 1 series camera sales are strong, 'cannot keep up with demand'

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Nikon says sales of its 1 series cameras are strong. Will increase production in response to flooding of its base DSLR production facility in Thailand.

Nikon 1 series j1
Nikon 1 series j1

The Nikon 1 series of cameras are off to a quick start. Nikon says that sales are strong and supply of its first mirrorless cameras with interchangeable lenses cannot keep up with demand.

Now, we know what you're thinking: Nikon can't meet demand because supply is limited by the flooding of its camera production base in Thailand. But Nikon says that the Thailand floods had minimal impact on the Nikon 1 series which is assembled at its Chinese facilities. In fact, Nikon is increasing production of its new J1 and V1 cameras in order to offset the loss of sales resulting from the drop in production of its DSLR cameras.

As we previously reported, the floods in Thailand have already impacted production of Nikon's DSLR cameras and lenses. Nikon suspended operations on October 6th and is now busy procuring equipment in order to resume production at alternate facilities. Its goal is to begin anew from December with the aim of returning to normal production levels by the end of March 2012.