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Nikon 1 F-mount adapter available in Japan next week

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The Nikon FT1, an adapter that converts F-mount lenses for use on the Nikon 1 mirrorless camera system, goes on sale in Japan December 22nd, priced at 22,310 yen. The adapter works with most F-mount lenses and supports autofocus for some, but users will have to deal with a 2.7x crop factor.

nikon ft1
nikon ft1

For DSLR shooters moving into the brave new world of mirrorless cameras, it's nice to know that the glass you've collected over the years won't go to waste. Olympus and Sony have both released adapters for legacy lenses, and now Nikon has your back as well — the FT1 adapter for the new Nikon 1 system goes on sale in Japan on December 22nd for 23,310 yen (about $300). This will let you use "almost all" F-mount lenses on your Nikon J1 or V1, with AF-S lenses even able to employ the 1 series cameras' impressive autofocus system. It's not quite the perfect fit, though, as the relatively tiny sensor of the J1 and V1 mean that your lenses will be subject to a 2.7x crop factor — for example, a 50mm prime lens will magically turn into a 135mm equivalent telephoto when used with this adapter, and the wide end of an 18-55mm kit lens will jump to 49mm. You won't be doing much wide-angle shooting with this kind of setup, then, but bird watchers might just be in luck.