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Olympus to create 'epoch-making' mirrorless camera, E-5 DSLR successor in development

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Olympus's director of marketing, Haruo Ogawa, has revealed vague plans for new Olympus mirrorless cameras in an interview with Digital Camera magazine. The new cameras will focus on the viewfinder experience, retain compatibility with Micro Four Thirds and move away from the "feminine" styling of the PEN line.

olympus pen
olympus pen

Beleaguered Olympus plans to develop a new mirrorless camera with an "epoch-making" viewfinder, and has already started work on a successor to the E-5 DSLR. Olympus's director of marketing, Haruo Ogawa, revealed in an interview with Digital Camera Magazine of Japan that the company is making the viewfinder a priority based on customer feedback, though the new cameras will retain compatibility with the current PEN Micro Four Thirds line. Ogawa also expressed a desire to move away from what he sees as the "feminine" styling of PEN models and create a camera for both men and women — while Westerners may not consider the classically-styled PEN line particularly feminine, in Japan the cameras have been aggressively marketed as lifestyle items and frequently feature in retro fashion magazines for women. The interview was light on hard details, but we'll be watching closely for any announcements. Olympus could certainly use some good news about now.