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Olympus OM-D retro mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera rumored

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Rumors are suggesting that Olympus will release a interchangeable-lens camera soon called the OM-D. It'd be modeled after the OM line of cameras, and trademark filings showing the name have popped up.

Olympus OM-1 (Flickr)
Olympus OM-1 (Flickr)

Rumors are picking up steam that Olympus is going to release a new mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera that follows the heritage of the old OM series of SLR film cameras (that's the OM-1 above). 4/3 Rumors obtained an ad that Olympus will reportedly run in next week's edition of the British magazine Amateur Photographer that teases a new camera with the words "Oh My Goodness," with the letters "O" and "M" highlighted. Sure, that's not very conclusive, but then a US trademark filing for "Olympus OM-D" popped up and CNET found a trademarked logo (below). We'll find out in good time what Olympus' plans really are — and how this'll slot into its current lineup — but in the meantime it might not be a bad idea to wait a bit longer if you're thinking of getting one of those PEN cameras.