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Year of the Glitch creates art from electronics gone wrong

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The blog "Year of the Glitch" collects electronic glitches rendered into art by Phillip Stearns. A new glitch will be posted every day this year.

Year of the Glitch
Year of the Glitch

Where there are electronics, there are mistakes — usually unwanted, but sometimes beautiful. "Year of the Glitch," a project by artist Phillip Stearns, turns images from faulty wiring and corrupted files into art. Stearns is planning to document a different glitch every day this year, uncovering "the wilderness within the computer." His pictures are situated in the larger field of glitch art, incorporating work from previous artists — the piece above, for example, includes pasted text from Rosa Menkman’s "Glitch Studies Manifesto."

So far, the images have come from "prepared" cameras, which are rewired or short-circuited to produce new effects. Stearns then manipulates the resulting images in a hex editor and GIMP to produce and enhance more errors. Later glitches may come from scanners, skipping CDs, or other disrupted forms of communication.