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Nikon prototype D4 and D800 allegedly snatched in Ireland, along with $100,000+ of photography equipment

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Nikon's prototype D4 and D800 were allegedly stolen in Ireland this week, along with a vanload of photography equipment.

Gallery Photo: Nikon D4 hands-on gallery
Gallery Photo: Nikon D4 hands-on gallery

Technology thieves aren't always the savviest types, like the crew that stole a truckload of BlackBerry PlayBook tablets late last year, but who wouldn't dream of laying hands on Nikon's latest professional DSLR cameras before they hit shelves? We don't have photographic evidence of a genuine heist quite yet, but thieves in Dublin, Ireland could take some gorgeous pictures of their work, now that they allegedly have prototypes of the Nikon D4 and D800, along with a vanload of expensive lenses and other Nikon cameras on its way back from the Dublin NPS Roadshow. We're reaching out to Nikon for confirmation of the crime, but you can also do your part: if you see a piece of Nikon equipment for sale with one of the serial numbers at our source link, let us know so we can contact the proper authorities.