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Sony now taking orders for 500mm f/4 G SSM lens in Japan

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Sony has begun taking orders for its 500mm f/4 G SSM pro super-telephoto lens in Japan. The lens will begin shipping in mid-May.

Sony 500mm lens
Sony 500mm lens

Sony's 500mm f/4 super-telephoto lens, which we saw at CES, is ready to order in Japan starting today. The 500mm f/4 G SSM will start shipping in mid-May, and will sell for 1.25 million yen (about $16,200 US) plus tax. For that price, you'll be getting Sony's longest fixed focal length lens in the professional G series, along with the company's Nano Anti-Reflective coating, dust- and splash-proofing, and a new drive circuit for autofocus and motion tracking. It's also supposed to be compatible with the SteadyShot Inside image stabilization system in all of Sony's Alpha Translucent Mirror and DSLR cameras. The lens is an interesting move for Sony, which hasn't traditionally been a major competitor in the pro photo market. There's no word on pricing for other regions, but it looks like the lens will also be available in the UK starting in late March.