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Canon releases new 5D Mark III firmware, confirms it won't get continuous autofocus for video

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Canon has a released a firmware update for the 5D Mark III — and has also confirmed that the camera will not be receiving continuous autofocus for shooting video.

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Gallery Photo: Canon EOS 5D Mark III hands-on photos
Gallery Photo: Canon EOS 5D Mark III hands-on photos

When Canon announced the 5D Mark III there was a big focus on improved video features, but there was one thing missing from the spec sheet: continuous autofocus when shooting video. The company has released an updated firmware for the device, and while it does bring some fixes to the camera, continuous autofocus for video isn't one of them — and it won't be coming at all. The 1.1.3 update adds support for the forthcoming EF 40mm f/2.8 STM lens, as well as tending to an exposure issue with using the auto-exposure bracketing functionality. Some power and LCD backlight issues are also addressed. When we touched base with Canon about the lens support, however, they informed us in no uncertain terms that the "5D Mark III will not have Movie Servo AF (which allows the Rebel T4i to continually focus while recording video)." It's certainly a disappointing omission for the camera, but given the lack of support at launch, it doesn't come as a complete surprise. If you'd like to get the latest version of the firmware for yourself, you can download it from Canon's site.