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Diners love to photograph their food, but restauranteurs aren't fans

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Instagram Dinner
Instagram Dinner

It's no secret that people love to take pictures of their food and share them (the perpetual joke that Instagram is just littered with everyone's lunch is a testament to that). But when you are dining in a fine establishment, the rules are a little different than at your own dinner table, and restauranteurs are fighting back from the ubiquitous food photographers. The New York Times takes a look at how a number of hip establishments across the world are handling or just flat out outlawing photography in their restaurants. From the unique approach by restauranteur David Bouley, who actually takes his patrons cameras and photographs their plates while still in the kitchen, to Momofuku Ko's strict ban on photography, it's an interesting trend to watch develop. Chances are, however, you won't have any issues Instagramming your McRib at McDonald's the next time you're there.