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Lightyear’s a stiff-as-plastic deconstruction of heroic space dramas

Pixar’s Lightyear is going to be about traveling through time as well as space

Pixar’s Turning Red is ditching theaters to premiere on Disney Plus

Pixar’s Turning Red asks ‘What if the Hulk turned into an adorable, giant red panda instead?’

The delightful Ratatouille TikTok musical has already sold more than $1 million in tickets

The 52 things Disney just announced

Disney Plus will add 50 new Marvel, Star Wars, Disney, and Pixar series and movies ‘over the next few years’

New trailers: Fresh Prince reunion, Breach, Black Beauty, Happiest Season and more

Disney is releasing Onward on digital platforms today, Disney Plus on April 3rd

Yes, Toy Story 4’s director knows how weird Forky made the Toy Story world

What we learned about Star Wars, Pixar, and the MCU from D23’s Disney+ panel

Toy Story 4 lowers the stakes and ramps up the whimsy

New Toy Story 4 trailer introduces Keanu Reeves’ Canadian hero, Duke Caboom

Toy Story 4’s latest trailer proves that Pixar wants adults to cry in movie theaters

Pixar’s new YouTube short plays like a companion piece to Wall-E

Ousted Pixar CCO John Lasseter to head new animation division

Toy Story 4’s latest teaser is a ‘trailer reaction’ video starring Key and Peele

First Toy Story 4 teaser introduces the internet’s newest hero, Forky

Disney’s streaming service doesn’t have a name, but it does have a strategy

The Incredibles movies have a weird relationship with technology

Former Pixar employee details how the company’s rampant sexism went far beyond John Lasseter

With Incredibles 2, Pixar moves away from complicated emotions

Incredibles 2 director Brad Bird: ‘It’s really just a big popcorn film’

The director of Pixar’s Bao on the challenges of animating a living dumpling

Pixar’s John Lasseter to leave Disney following sexual harassment complaints

This stream has:

The Incredibles 2: all the commentary, trailers, and updates for Pixar’s next superhero film

Parenting is acrobatic in the new Incredibles 2 trailer

New Incredibles 2 trailer shows off Jack-Jack’s developing powers as Elastigirl springs into action

Pixar’s Lee Unkrich on the ‘anxiety’ of directing Coco

Pixar’s John Lasseter taking leave of absence after sexual harassment complaints

Disney’s streaming service has won, and it hasn’t even launched yet

Pixar’s latest Coco clips reveal more about its animated Mexican musical