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NASA is testing electric air taxis with Joby Aviation

United Airlines will let passengers preorder food and snacks online before flights

Watch Joby Aviation’s electric air taxi complete a 150-mile flight

Judge rejects Wisk Aero’s effort to block rival air taxi startup Archer from using ‘stolen’ patents

United’s latest jets will offer Bluetooth for in-flight entertainment

Larry Page’s air taxi startup is buying former DJI rival 3D Robotics

Air taxi startup Archer shows off small electric aircraft but no flight test

SpaceX’s Starlink is in talks with ‘several’ airlines for in-flight Wi-Fi

United Airlines is buying 15 supersonic aircraft from Boom Supersonic

Merlin Labs wants to fill the sky with pilotless planes carrying cargo and passengers

Luminar’s LIDAR will take flight in new partnership with Airbus

Airlines ground some 737 Max airplanes after Boeing discovers new problem

Airplane takes off a metric ton heavier than expected after computer error weighs adults as children

Wisk Aero accuses rival flying taxi firm Archer Aviation of ‘brazen theft’ in a new lawsuit

Flying taxi startup Lilium goes public via SPAC, unveils its new electric aircraft

Gogo’s 5G network launch has stalled due to the chip shortage

FedEx will spend $2 billion to become carbon neutral by 2040

Joby Aviation is going public, reveals its electric aircraft in flight for the first time

Biden orders masks to be worn on airplanes, trains, and public transportation

GM surprises with autonomous Cadillac and flying car concepts

Boeing criminally charged for lying about 737 Max crashes, fined $2.5 billion

Amazon just bought a bunch of used commercial jets for the first time

FAA and Boeing manipulated 737 Max tests during recertification

Boeing’s 737 Max is back in service

American Airlines offers at-home COVID tests for US travel

Uber reportedly will sell its flying taxi business to secretive startup Joby Aviation

Struggling electric jet startup Zunum sues Boeing for fraud and misuse of trade secrets

Boeing 737 Max cleared to fly after deadly crashes forced a two-year ban

Flying taxi startup Lilium will build a hub for its electric aircraft in Florida

Boom Supersonic unveils its prototype for a commercial supersonic jet

Volocopter now accepting reservations for flights in its electric air taxi — but not until 2023 at the earliest

Gogo sells commercial in-flight internet business to bankrupt satellite provider