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Fifteen years after Concorde, supersonic jets are booming back into style

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Vertical Aerospace makes ‘flying cars’ with more grounded aspirations

Uber narrows its search for international city to host ‘flying taxis’

Electric flight is coming, but the batteries aren’t ready

American Airlines is making ‘basic economy’ rules less punishing

Larry Page is quietly amassing a ‘flying car’ empire

Here are the finalists for Boeing’s $2 million ‘personal flying device’ contest

The Kitty Hawk Flyer is your own personal electric aircraft

Uber to open Advanced Technologies Center in Paris focused on flying taxis

Raden is the second startup to bite the dust after airlines ban some smart luggage

Spirit airlines will add Wi-Fi to all its planes by 2019

These Uber Air ‘Skyport’ concepts look straight out of Star Wars

Uber’s ‘flying taxis’ will be built by these five aerospace companies

Uber expands partnership with NASA on flying taxi project

Uber reveals its latest ‘flying car’ prototype for aerial taxi service

One passenger dead after Southwest Airlines flight makes an emergency landing

Volocopter envisions ‘air taxi’ stations that can handle 10,000 passengers a day

The EU’s air traffic control system failed, and up to 15,000 flights may be grounded

The PAL-V Liberty claims to be the first commercially available flying car

People are still trying to make cars that morph into helicopters

Watch the world’s biggest airplane taxi down a runway as it preps for its first flight

Delta and United have ended travel discounts with the NRA amidst growing consumer backlash

Airbus’ ‘flying taxi’ isn’t much to look at, but it’s a major step toward electric flight

Ehang’s passenger-carrying drones look insanely impressive in first test flights

Airbus’ autonomous ‘air taxi’ Vahana completes its first test flight

Secretive air taxi startup Joby Aviation raises $100 million

Plane tickets are about to get cheaper, but beware of ‘basic economy’

Boeing built a giant drone that can carry 500 pounds of cargo

Exclusive: Volocopter’s air taxi takes flight for first time in the US

Bell Helicopter offers a sneak peek of its first electric flying taxi

Uber hires Tesla’s lead battery expert to help power its ‘flying car’ service

A personal ode to the Boeing 747