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Joby Aviation inches closer to getting full government approval for its electric air taxis

JetBlue launches hostile takeover of Spirit after its earlier acquisition was rejected

Starlink is coming to Hawaiian Airlines in a bid to try and fix in-flight Wi-Fi

Uber, Amtrak, airlines drop mask requirements after judge strikes down rule

Mask mandate for air travel and public transportation is extended again

Biden administration extends mask mandate for airplanes and public transportation

The world’s largest airline ticket-booking service cuts ties with Russia’s Aeroflot

EU closes airspace to Russian aircraft and blocks state-backed media

The House hearing on 5G and planes shows the ride isn’t over yet

Boeing sinks more money into electric air taxi project it’s co-developing with Kitty Hawk

US airlines warn of ‘catastrophic disruption’ on Wednesday due to 5G activation

5G now means some flights won’t be able to land when pilots can’t see the runway

Verizon and AT&T delay crucial 5G expansion over aircraft interference concerns

NASA’s tiny electrical aircraft is almost ready for lift-off

Uber wants to make airport trips less messy

Honda is doubling down on rockets, robots, and flying cars

NASA is testing electric air taxis with Joby Aviation

United Airlines will let passengers preorder food and snacks online before flights

Watch Joby Aviation’s electric air taxi complete a 150-mile flight

Judge rejects Wisk Aero’s effort to block rival air taxi startup Archer from using ‘stolen’ patents

United’s latest jets will offer Bluetooth for in-flight entertainment

Larry Page’s air taxi startup is buying former DJI rival 3D Robotics

Air taxi startup Archer shows off small electric aircraft but no flight test

SpaceX’s Starlink is in talks with ‘several’ airlines for in-flight Wi-Fi

United Airlines is buying 15 supersonic aircraft from Boom Supersonic

Merlin Labs wants to fill the sky with pilotless planes carrying cargo and passengers

Luminar’s LIDAR will take flight in new partnership with Airbus

Airlines ground some 737 Max airplanes after Boeing discovers new problem

Airplane takes off a metric ton heavier than expected after computer error weighs adults as children

Wisk Aero accuses rival flying taxi firm Archer Aviation of ‘brazen theft’ in a new lawsuit

Flying taxi startup Lilium goes public via SPAC, unveils its new electric aircraft

Gogo’s 5G network launch has stalled due to the chip shortage