Dutch researchers create microscopic pyramids to cage living cells

Microscopic pyramid

A team at the University of Twente in the Netherlands has managed to create a tiny pyramid small enough to house a single living cell. The pyramids were developed using a new 3D micro and nanofabrication technology called "corner lithography," and they allow researchers to better view cells as they would normally behave in a three-dimensional environment — an improvement over the 2D view offered by a petri dish. Because of the pyramid's open sides, two cells close enough together will still interact with each other as they would if the cage wasn't actually there. Researchers believe that the technology could be a useful tool for studying tissue regeneration in the future. And while a microscale pyramid may sound impressive, the technology could see even more improvements in the future, including hollowing out the ribs of the pyramid so that fluids can flow through them in order to provide cells with nutrition.


Pyramid Power!

This is how it works

That is the coolest thing I’ve seen in a while

You evidently haven’t been looking hard ;)

Ok ok, our interests are not as obscure as yours. You win, hipster.

Forgive me for not spitting out my life story on what I like. If you want an example, I found curiosity cooler than this

same here


Crap! Microscopic alien pyramid landing platforms!

Love the Smashing Pumpkins reference, lol!

I have no knowledge in this, but damn it sounds and LOOKS awesome!!! :D

Something very FSM or Cthulian about it. All the noodly wiggly bits.

As with others, I don’t quite get the point of this, but that image is freaky weird.
I fear that putting cells inside pyramids will give them psychic powers or something

So maybe thats why Master Pain dies. Those pyramids held vital cells for him that the Chosen One was able to remove. WiiU!


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Trapping cells since 1964

I don’t understand the reference, but I still appreciate that you posted this. :P

The Ultimate Cage.

That little pop sound was my mind being blown. Sci Fi still can’t prepare you for the day that scientists build little pyramid cages for a single cell. This is why writers like Philip K. Dick are so awesome, not only could he see a day like today where scientists can do this, but he was able to see where it is all likely to go.

Just … Just…


Now we wait for the hiegrolyphics!

So Gitmo has arrived on the cellular level. How far mankind has come..

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