VAIO computers return after Sony sells the brand

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The iconic VAIO PC brand has been resurrected today, following Sony's sale of the struggling business to investment fund Japan Industrial Partners. At the time, Sony said it planned to concentrate on smartphones and tablets due to the PC market's plunging fortunes. The deal was set to close in July, and now the new VAIO Corporation is selling the VAIO Fit and VAIO Pro computers in Japan. The PCs come without Sony branding, but at least for now are being offered at Sony's own online store.

A message in Japanese posted on the website implies that the brand will be a smaller affair than when it was part of Sony's sprawling empire. The new company will have no more than 240 employees, the message says, but will retain VAIO's DNA. VAIO Corporation was officially founded today, with Sony taking a 5 percent investment. The company hasn't indicated when or whether it will expand operations outside Japan.


What is VAIO DNA again? Overpriced beyond any reasonable point yet somehow full of the cheapest internal components PC’s?

For most of their computers, yes.

But there were those computer that if you really shelled out the cash, you got a really nice device.
I’d really like to see a reboot of the UX series.

I’d like to see another Z series. Best laptops ever made. Bar none. Also, I don’t mind paying a little more for the Sony name (I love their classy logo). I miss the Z I never had but always wanted so much.

Z is a beautiful machine, no doubt. But to me the VAIO DNA is 30ç speakers on a $5k box, an inexplicable fan problems no matter what VAIO laptop you own, local warranty that is worth nothing the moment you switch continents. A lot of frustration for what is arguably the best laptop, a laptop that could easily have been the clear best with better management. That is VAIO Z for me.

Never tried the Z, but I bought the pink Fit 14 for a thousand and dead on arrival, had to change the network card and now the hard drive is simply too slow and unstable… Worst laptop I have bought. But hey, it’s beautiful and metallic pink right…

Should’ve bought a refurb from a sony store. Last Christmas my dad got the newest Z for my sister with the graphics card dock and all for $700. Insane savings. I had the body style before that. Machine served me very well.

Well, my Vaio Pro 13 cost me an arm and a leg but boy is it worth every single penny

Didn’t it cost like $1000? That’s mid range price territory compared to the higher end stuff around $1700 – $2500, and even there you are at the low high end. Just my opinion I guess, but my computer needs are astronomically high compared to the average person.

Sorry, > $1000 = high end for most people. (Macs excluded, obvs)

The Vaio Pro 13 base model with a Core i5 was $1,249.99. The Red edition went up to a Core i7 for $2,599.99. The base model was rather affordable actually considering the carbon fiber construction and high res display, but the Red edition is actually crazy expensive considering the processor. It’s a Core i7 but Ultra Low Voltage version and doesn’t have Iris graphics.

Same price as the Fullmetal Alchemist ;)

So it was worth a corrupted soul IIRC.

Insanely great computer. Quality costs money. People want to ignore this while complaining about how junky their $300 HP laptop is. My Vaio Pro 13 is up there in quality with a Macbook Pro, but is also about half the weight.

Indeed. A brand living in another decade, produced by a company that was out of touch with its core market, (and some would argue the market in general) all whilst watching their bottom line evaporate.

We all know that Sony has been haemoraging cash for years because they charge like apple but have none of the ecosystem. Chances are that those two put together is a headache in the making.

We all know that Sony has been haemoraging cash for years because they charge like apple but have none of the ecosystem.

or strength of brand.

I have the FW Series. It was introduced in 2008 and it still can run most current games at 60fps, 900p and aside from gaming, it’s powerful enough to do the heavy lifting involved with editing my videos.
All for 700 USD

Anecdotal evidence, I’m sure, but still, VAIO is a great brand for laptops.

I hope they’re not planning to continue with the same models (though I don’t see how they’d have the pockets to develop new ones at the moment). The only thing models like the Vaio Pro had going for them were Sony cachet…. Which was dubious enough in value, and now that’s gone too.
Like, seriously Sony/Vaio? A laptop with severe Wi-Fi issues? In 2013? That you never fixed?
:/ hopefully they’ll just give up soon.

I had issues with my VAIO and it’s wifi too, but that was back in ’08. The issue turned out to be nothing hardware related, just windows vista.

Which is understandable. Because vista.

Sony didn’t screw up the VAIO line: Sony’s VAIO department screwed up the VAIO line.

If the new VAIO is employing the same management and design team, then there’s no hope.

If they’re going in a new direction, then great. I hope they produce something awesome.

They’re only hiring 240 employees… Pretty sure this line will be filled with cheap parts soon enough trying to milk to Vaio name for as long as possible.

Z series,best pc laptops you can buy. Too and they went downhill with the latest design.

Is Windows 8 to blame?

Last time I stepped into the Sony department of my favorite electronics store all those weird convertibles and touch laptops literally were collecting dust and were ignored by everybody.

Do you think it would’ve been better if they were still trying to sell Windows 7 laptops today?

Well I hardly see a full core convertible that had been worth buying. Except for the surface pro 3.

I may not have read it correctly but what does this mean? Has Sony sold their Vaio division or do they still own it by branching it out like Bravia?

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