Microsoft's redesigned Paint app for Windows 10 looks awesome

Microsoft is building a Windows 10 version of its famous Paint tool. While the software maker has barely updated Paint in recent releases of Windows, the new Paint app will be completely overhauled. Twitter user WalkingCat has discovered video demonstrations of the new app, and it's clearly designed with Windows 10 in mind.

A launch video notes that the new "Paint Preview" app includes all the familiar features of the regular version of Paint, but Microsoft is adding in 3D object support — an ideal addition for HoloLens. Paint Preview users will be able to create 3D objects, and annotate them freely. Microsoft has a range of markers and art tools to help artists create objects, and brushes that can be used directly on 3D objects. All of the tools appear to be pen- and touch-friendly, with an interface that mixes 3D models, 2D images, stickers, and community tools for 3D content.

This isn't the first time we've seen evidence that Microsoft is building a Windows 10 version of Paint. Screenshots leaked of the app back in May, but it appears the app has progressed since then. Microsoft appears to be testing early "alpha" versions of the Paint app, and the videos indicate it could be ready to be released publicly soon.

The timing of the Paint videos come just hours after Microsoft revealed it's planning to hold a special event in New York City later this month. Microsoft is widely expected to unveil a new Surface device at the event, with rumors suggesting it will be an all-in-one desktop PC. Sources familiar with Microsoft's plans tell The Verge that any potential AIO PC will be aimed at creatives. Microsoft is said to be working on software and hardware that will enhance the use of stylus, touch, and traditional inputs on a full desktop PC. Microsoft's new Paint app for Windows 10 will play into this plan, alongside apps from third parties. Any potential Surface hardware will compliment the company's software improvements. The Verge will be reporting live from Microsoft's October 26th event.


Man, all that 3D capabilities and how about some simple layers functionalities.
I don’t like to giddy up my money for SketchBook subscription anymore.

Then don’t. Painter does everything SketchBook does and then some.

I don’t see any Layers functionalities in the video. These 3D stuffs can emulate a layer feature, but it’d be a pain the arse to use.

I have Procreate on my iPad Pro and Paint doesn’t look appealing to me for someone who sketches a lot. 3 generations ahead and my Surface isn’t a viable drawing tablet against a first generation iPad Pro.

:rolleyes: and I don’t bring up Cintiq against me, I have one.

Hmm, so is it an app thing? Or a software thing? Like if Procreate were available on the Surface and functioned pretty much the same as far as an app-UI/pen use goes, is everything else balanced well enough?

Or does it extend to base OS features beyond apps? Trying to separate the two from your descriptions. And is Sketchable a bad app as far as looking on the Surface side is concerned (don’t have either to actually try this stuff)?

It’s an app thing. I don’t feel liking Sketchable though. I have purchased their add-ons but ended up working with Sketchbook.

Their UI is not polished and their app icon isn’t high definition. In my opinion speaks some volume regarding their app development quality.

To clarify, I think that they are good intention developers. But the quality still leave much to be desired.

Hmm, that’s a fair breakdown I suppose. The "App Store" On the windows side of things is definitely not filled with a ton of full hearted efforts, not that they don’t exist. It’s just surprising on the art-side of things though.

As a previously WP-centric UX/UI designer who had a chance to work with Arturo Toledo himself, designer for UWP is now extinct outside of Seattle, resulting in current state of the store apps, resulted by Microsoft’s uninspiring path they took with Windows 10.

Sketchable has a HUGE update coming out very soon that will include a totally refreshed UI, dozens of new features, major performance improvements, and several bug fixes.

You’re comparing a free app that’s designed to be accessible for a wide range of people with differing skill levels, to a prosumer drawing app. The two apps have a different aim. If you want a semi-professional drawing app like you seem to, of course procreate will be better, but if you want an app that can you and your kids can quickly sketch a diagram or draw a simple picture, then paint is a better tool.

I just claim this app isn’t suitable to replace my Sketchbook app, and then NdigoBoy claim this app does more than Sketchbook, to which I disagreed. Why do you guys need to be so defensive while I just clearly state my current position? I don’t even want criticize this app even.

Man, all that 3D capabilities and how about some simple layers functionalities


I don’t see any Layers functionalities

Judging by these comments, you have misunderstoond what Paint is meant for and why it exists.

Why am I even arguing….

I just want a decent sketching app dude, I know what paint is and what paint is for; I just found it is funny that’s a sophisticated mechanism such as 3D rendering made it into the app but a simple thing like layering isn’t. Regardless, beyond Sketchbook I have not found a good sketching experience on Surface Pro.

Have you tried Manga Studio? I am a novice with drawing apps, but purchased it and have been enjoying the learning process with it. Fairly inexpensive too.

NdigoBoy said Painter, not Paint. I assume he means Corel Painter, which is an application similar to SketchBook.

I’m not aware there’s an app called Corel Painter in the Store. I usually call it Corel, but either way, it’s no good for a touch centric device.

That’s a joke right? Painter is multi touch, hi dpi and stylus supported. You might want to download the 30 day demo.

Small touch targets, traditional desktop workspace that favors keyboard shortcuts, terrible way to color pick.

This is how I suppose to sketch? lounge down in tablet mode with a wireless keyboard? Ignorance of this inconvenience is why iPad Pro is still ahead in terms of artist choice.

I do have some experience with Corel Painter.

actually, I would call Procreate a pro app, as in the best paint app on Earth, but I would also say it is so well done that it is also the best one for your kids to draw with, and @ $7 or so I don’t think the difference between free and paid is toooo big a hurdle….

What limits procreate as a pro tool, is what it’s available on. It’s not on PC or Mac, meaning that any professional will require a two device workflow. Also for procreate to be useful, you really need an iPad Pro + Apple Pencil, which means you’re looking at least $1000 AUD . That’s a pretty decent hurdle for something your kids can draw on.

I think Ndigoboy is referring to Corel Painter? Shame there is no app for Corel Painter. Procreate is amazing, and it keep getting better.

I always called it Corel, but it was just strange for me to mention such a tool that is unrelated to the discussion, since we’re on the page of Store apps after all.

Corel has so many other product beyond Painter.

Not MS paint. Painter by Corel.

With all the new VR technology coming into play, wonder how this will fit in.

Can’t take the shaved head girl serious for some reason..

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