Google Photos now supports slideshows

Google Photos is a legitimately incredible thing, harnessing the power of advanced machine learning and neural networks to automatically sort your pictures into albums and turn your library into an endlessly searchable database, the likes of which would have been difficult to imagine just a few years ago.

Until today, however, it did not support one of the most basic features you might expect from a photo app: slideshows. And now it does.

The feature lets you play through photos in any album automatically, offering a new hands-free way to bore your family. It's available now to web and Android users; no word of an iOS update just yet.


Doesn’t even have sort by location.

Yes it does. Go to Albums / Places

Not in the way IOS does it, which is both chronological and by location. Which makes the Photo app like a diary. One of the few things Apple gets right and Android has no equivalent.

Of course, IOS Photos has its shortcomings too. Like trying to add a folder of photos from another machine. But that’s another discussion.

I don’t know how IOS does it but Google Photos is chronological and/or by location. Chronological or diary like by default but search a specific location and it shows all of the photos in a chronological order taken at that specific location. Need more. Go to your Google Maps Timeline and see exactly when and where you took your photos (assuming you have location services enabled).

Tap the search bar and scroll to the bottom.



I don’t know why you’d want to sort by location, personally. Searching by location works for sure, i use it all the time. I love it. Especially handy if you want to search for your dog pics and videos.

Is this really a new feature? I could’ve sworn it already had a slideshow option. I see mine has it and the Play Store seems to be telling me that the app was last updated on June 7. I also think I remember using it in December for looking through photos, maybe I’m mis-remembering.

Now just give me the editing features that Picassa had, and Ill be happy!

offering a new hands-free way to bore your family

Cool. Sometimes I get scared blind-scrolling through vacation photos in front of the family on the Chromecast…

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