Microsoft to end production on the Surface 3 by late 2016

Microsoft plans to stop manufacturing its entry-level Surface 3 tablet by year's end, the company announced today. The Surface 3 first launched back in May of 2015 as a more affordable 2-in-1 designed to attract students and those who might have gravitated more toward an iPad instead of a full-blown laptop. Quite a few sites dedicated to Microsoft and Windows news noticed of late that stock for the device has been running low, and ZDNet confirmed the company would be winding down production over the next six months.

"Since launching Surface 3 over a year ago, we have seen strong demand and satisfaction amongst our customers," Microsoft said in a statement. "Inventory is now limited and by the end of December 2016, we will no longer manufacture Surface 3 devices." There is no known successor to the device in the works. Microsoft's Surface Pro 4 came out back in October of last year alongside the Surface Book laptop, and Microsoft has been silent since regarding any hardware upgrades.

ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley says Microsoft may be waiting to finish the next big overhaul to Windows 10, known internally as Redstone 2, before introducing new 2-in-1s. That may not happen until early next year, which means Microsoft hardware would be woefully out of date by the time the Surface 3 is discontinued. Though Microsoft could always refresh its line-up this fall, as it's typically done since the first Surface device in 2012.

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Means it will never happen. They just didn’t sell enough. What a shame – even as an Apple sheep I need to admit, that the surface is a laudable attempt to merge laptops and tablets. It’s really sexy, when you see it. Nevertheless, I tried it out on several occasions and many friends of mine use it as a daily driver, and the experience is just not great. It’s not a great laptop and it’s not a great tablet. But it’s a great thing.

Surface 3, not Surface Pro 4 or Surface Book. One model, their lowest end model built on the previous generation’s platform.

They’ll be fine and something will come up to replace it. Maybe they’ll take the Apple route and make the Surface Pro 4 they’re bottom end, the Surface Pro 5 as their mid range, and the Surface Book remains as their top end.

They may wait; it means nothing. Don’t read too much into it, self-confessed Apple sheep.

What are you talking about? They ate simply discontinuing an older model, Apple also isn’t manufacturing iPhone 4 anymore, that doesn’t mean iPhones are doomed. That’s just the way it goes.

Surface is selling fantastically and revenue is in the billions

I manage 120 community college classrooms and we can’t keep pace with demand. We have approved an order for an additional 45 Surface 3 Educational Bundles and nobody has had them in-stock for a couple months. Other institutions have been buying these by the hundred. They are perfect for education. I currently have four classrooms with thirty Surfaces in each and another 40 staff using them or the Surface Pro 3 or 4 as their daily computer. In certain rooms an instructor can walk in with their daily computer and connect to the projector using Mirrorcast and roam around the classroom using the stylus to teach. It’s been especially popular as a SMART board replacement for our Math instructors. By no means would I call the Surface line a disappointment with the exception of those not running Windows.

I want to order more but can’t. I don’t care if it’s the Surface 3 or Surface 4 but I need more soon. After talking to other Media Technicians in four states they are all in the same waiting game.

A better Verge headline would be MICROSOFT SURFACE 3 IS DEAD.

Leave that one for me, please.

If Surface 3 is dead, Windows phone is dead, skype being dead. What else will tom Warren have?

Project Scorpio.

Universal apps.

Self-aware and cheeky!

Bring back the Zune!!!

Never forget.

Lmao. Never saw it like that.

Because it’s not a straight forward flip. The e has been flipped horizontal and vertical to make it look funny.

I missed these Apple vs Microsoft threads.

It is one of my best buy. Initially I bought this for my wife (mainly for Office usage), ended being me using it. It is in the lowest end in term of specs, but the the best work & travel companion for me. My only gripe is it has only 1 USB port, the thing that I love most is I can use any standard micro USB to charge it. I just need 2 cables – 1 for istuff and 1 for everything else.

The latest Ad duplex numbers show it keeps up a decent share relative to the Surface Pro 3 (a very popular model). I expect there to be a replacement.

By Andy Weir @gcaweir · Jun 23, 2016

Can’t wait for the inevitable "Yeah, but that’s out of 20 Surface owners" reply.

No one’s going to say that. The Surface devices have a market, but the app ecosystem and developer support make arguably "less powerful" Android and iOS devices more attractive.

I was eying one for educational use, but the lack of an eBook Store/Reader from Microsoft and the fact that all of the major retailors only have terrible Windows 8.x apps that don’t work properly with display scaling was a deal breaker.

Reading a book with proper formatting and display scaling > scribbling on a screen, so the iPad and iBooks won.

I did buy an 8" Windows Tablet as a "test," though. Just to make sure I was making an informed decision.

I’m still on the original Surface Pro (with Windows 10) and it’s a great machine! Hasn’t let me down yet… I plan on upgrading mid-next year though, so would be great if the Surface Pro 5 came out at the beginning of 2017

I lost my Surface Pro 3 like an idiot a few of months ago. I was thinking about picking up an S3 to replace it and plan on a SB later this year. My only concern has been buying it and a possible S4 coming out like a month later. Also the kickstand only having 3 stages seems limiting but I think I’m just being nit picky and spoiled from the SP3, I mean I did have an S2 and was totally fine.

Depends what you plan to use it for.
Sure the CPU in Surface 3 is slower, even worse is it’s GPU part.
So games are basicly out and Software using GPU to offload operations will suffer also.

But while the 4 core CPU keeps the Surface 3 reactive in almost all cases, the hard drive is a real bottleneck.
So everything depending on fast read or even write Speed can freeze it up to Frustration.

For basics like Internet and Media there is no Problem at all.

I have really really liked my surface 3, better than the surface pro imho.

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