Google Maps on mobile is adding support for multiple destinations

Google Maps is an incredibly useful smartphone app, and I use it every single day. But there are some things that it's still really stupid about. Sure, the Android and iOS app can tell you about gas, food, and other places to stop along your route from point A to point B. But what if you want to add another destination? What about point C? Until now, only the desktop version of Google Maps has allowed you to get directions for a trip that spans multiple stops. Thankfully that feature is now headed to mobile — starting first with Android.

It's rolling out now, and you'll know you've got it when you see a new plus icon underneath the directions field in Maps. Hit that and you can add another place to stop at. And another. And another after that. No longer must you complete a trip somewhere before you can get directions for the next phase of your trip. Pretty cool! Google is enabling the feature server-side, so as long as you've got the latest version of Google Maps for Android (version 9.21), you should see it pop up eventually. Hopefully it won't be long until iOS users receive it as well.



I wonder if this is linked to the Travelling Salesman problem. Seems like the kinda thing Google would like to solve in their pursuit of AI.

No, it’s not. In the Travelling Salesman, you want to know the order in which to visit places places. Here you know the order in which you want to visit places, you just need the shortest route. It’s just two calculations instead of one, if you have another stop.

Jesus Christ I can’t believe it’s taken this long. Between this and ‘find along route’ maps is becoming more useful to me on road trips than a standalone gps. If it had a speed limit database as well I might actually be able to get rid of my standalone gps.

Waze has had this feature for a while, although it worked a little differently. You could only add 1 stop in between your starting point and your final destination. For multiple destinations, I guess I’ll use Google Maps again but Waze is just so much more useful overall. It also shows you the speed limit for the road you’re traveling on as well.

Ok Waze employee

That Waze employee is also a Google employee since Google owns Waze

Ha as I was writing that out, I thought to myself "how can I not sound like a shill for this app?" I guess I couldn’t. But really, it is better than Google Maps in almost every way. The only thing I don’t like is that when you do a search, you get a list of results rather than a map view. Maybe there’s a way to do it, but I haven’t looked into it enough to figure it out yet.

Maps has had this feature for a while as well.

Ah nice to know. Didn’t have it the last time I used it regularly. I’m glad Google is implementing some Waze features into Maps.

The speed limit portion is why I use HERE still for driving mode. When I need to find a local business I still use Google though since they have more listings.

Maps on Android already does multiple destinations, but this interface is long overdue and really welcome. The way to do it now is get navigation to the end point. Then add a stop from the four common choices, or tap the magnifying glass icon to enter any other place. After Maps shows the new route, tap the Add to route in the bottom right corner.

It’s only a matter of time until offline transit directions, which is long overdue

How it’s gonna track buses and trains if it’s online though? It will assume everybody is on time? Good luck with that brother!

A schedule-based database is more useful than blind luck.

I use the transit app and it works great (I have no data). It finds my location without any connection, lists buses in order of my distance to the nearest bus stop and arrival time, I can swipe for variations of a route and view stops. With Google, I have to plan my return route, take a screenshot, then plan my departure route and make sure not to need the map because bus directions aren’t cached.

So now I would just like them to add user-created routes.

Google only does one thing – get you there on what is the route most statistically likely to be fastest. Recently we were in New Jersey and wanted to drive to Lancaster PA. A relative gave us great directions for a nice scenic (and mostly toll free) route. Google won’t support that. You can ad-hoc together like 20 destination pins, but then you’re still going to have to re-route after EVERY pin.

Put this in and we’ll be good to go with Google Maps, I think.

Well I think this it.

It’s called waypoints. And I’m still waiting for MS to add it, for this short time I’ll be staying with WP/WM. Really surprised Nokia never added it to Here.

Hopefully this will apply to Android Auto as well. Having the passenger add a lunch location on road trips would be great.

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