Netflix now lets you make your own movie playlists to share with friends

You know how Netflix is always suggesting you watch a Psycho-Thriller Comedy With A Strong Female Lead And Vague Romantic Subplot Plus Conspiracy Theory Twist? And you're like, What dark algorithm hath created this chaos? Well Netflix has just announced a new platform that lets you sidestep that algorithm (at least momentarily) by creating your own Netflix playlists. It's called Flixtape.

You can either build your own "flixtapes" from scratch, or use themed ones created by Netflix (although I think that would kind of defeat the purpose). It's really just like making any other playlist. Once you name the flixtape, you can add up to six (and a minimum of three) TV shows or movies to it, and then send it out into the world, either by sharing a link with a specific person, or posting the tape to Twitter or Facebook.

When you start making a new flixtape, Netflix will automatically recommend three shows or movies to begin with, but you can remove them all and start from zero. This turned out to be a good thing, as I have no idea why I would want to make a playlist with both Amélie and Sons of Anarchy on it. Anyway, I made a flixtape by scrapping Sons of Anarchy and adding Trailer Park Boys and Terrace House. This doesn't really make any more sense, honestly, but at least it was my decision.

Aside from the patronizing way in which Netflix's promo ads suggest anyone under 30 has no idea what a mixtape is (mixtapes are still a thing, Netflix!), Flixtape is actually pretty useful. I could see using it for a weird, casual gift, or for a friend in need of some good eyeball content. Or you could just keep all your flixtapes to yourself for when Netflix's recommendations inevitably fail you.


Great, now I’m watching "The Real World", but with polite Japanese people.

yesssss it’s goood

All this crap and all I needed was a way to recommend a film to a fellow Netflix user. Bummer.

Did you say it’s got a limit of 6 movies? That seems very low.

This seems perfect for making Top 10 lists, or much much more.

Dammit, you can’t pick individual episodes of a show. I really wanted to make a "Best of Star Trek" playlist for friends.

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