Amazon Video now lets you download movies and TV straight to Android SD cards

One of the big advantages of Amazon's video-streaming service has always been the ability to download its content on mobile devices. That way, if you're taking a flight, or just want to save on battery, you can watch films and TV shows without having to connect to the internet. Now, Amazon has made a small but significant tweak to this feature, adding the ability for Android users to download content directly to their SD cards.

This means that users that want to download, say, the whole of Mr. Robot season one, won't have to juggle their files, moving them about from main to removable storage as they run out of space. Instead, they'll just go straight into the latter. The feature is available on Android tablets and smartphone starting today in the US, UK, Germany, Austria, and Japan. And although it's hardly a deal-breaker if you're deciding between video-streaming services (Netflix's selection is still much better than Amazon's), it's certainly a nice perk.


But a few of Amazon Video’s disadvantages are…

1. Lack of Ultraviolet support
2. Removal of offline support on PC
3. No Google Play and Apple TV app

4. SD only on Android devices.

1. Google Play and iTunes don’t support Ultraviolet either.
2.Google Play (via Chromecast) and Apple TV (i.e. iTunes) are competitors to Amazon, why would they support it? There isn’t an officially supported iTunes app on the Roku or Plex. Or support for Chromecast in Microsoft Movies & TV.
3. Removal of offline support was unfortunate…four years ago. That’s when unbox went away. I was very unhappy when it happened, four years ago, and haven’t purchased online videos from Amazon since. But, again, that was four years ago.

Essentially, what you’re complaining about could be leveled against Google Play too. Or iTunes. Or Microsoft Store. They’re all walled gardens.

1. I know Google Play and iTunes don’t support Ultraviolet. Neither does PS Video or Xbox Video. But that doesn’t mean Amazon can’t nor shouldnt.

2. PS Video and Xbox Video are competitors to Amazon VOD, yet both the PS3, PS4, X360, and XB1 have the app. And the lack of Google Play and Apple TV Amazon VOD app on Android and Apple TV is due to Amazon not Google or Apple. There is an Amazon VOD app on iOS.

Amazon Unbox player was shutdown in 2015…one year ago!!!!

Please do research and know what you are saying because commenting

In a vacuum, what you originally stated is true. But, if other major players don’t support it, then there’s no reason to specifically harp on Amazon to support it.

1. That’s not an argument for why they should. Just because you want it doesn’t mean it’s in Amazon’s (or Apple’s or Google’s or even Disney’s) interest.
2. Imagine that, Amazon doesn’t want to support two of the biggest players. "The lack of _____ is due to _____ not _____ or ______." We could rotate iTunes Store, Google Play, and Amazon and this sentence would still be coherent.
3. Sorry, we’re both wrong, it was 2014, since it was unavailable starting in 2014.

Oh, and it’s not Apple TV. Apple TV is to iTunes Store as Chromecast is to Google Play. Next time, do your research.

OK, but i just have this to say:

1. Is the first point in the list
2. Is the point that comes after point #1
3. This is the last point

The real question is, when is Amazon going to stop stupidly handicapping their Android compatibility in the misguided belief that it will drive sales of Fire devices? The Android app only supports SD video, not HD, no Chromecast support, and there’s no Amazon video app on Android TV. Yet there are fully functional Apple, Roku, Playstation and Xbox apps.

I have Android phones and tablets, and Rokus hooked up to our TVs, with Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. If I want to buy something to watch on all our devices, it’s through Google Play, not Amazon. I would never buy a Fire device. All Amazon is driving me to do is spend money with Google on video.

Chromecast support would be great. I’d use Amazon video more.

Can’t you just cast it from chrome browser? There’s an add-on. Or does it come across choppy?

Just give me a cast button you f’ing jokers!

The biggest issue is the amount of programs you can cache. Currently that is set to 25 items.

That may sound OK, but we have some kids stuff cached on the iPad, which doesn’t leave me with that many ‘slots’ on my device for when I travel.

Thankfully I have my Plex lifetime account now, so it means I can cache any of my stored content on any number of my devices.

And yes, I do want to re-watch all of Mr Robot

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