KickassTorrents resurfaces online, as all piracy sites do

The alleged founder and operator of the most popular torrenting site in the world, KickassTorrents (KAT), has been apprehend by the US authorities and the site's domains seized. However, as we learned with the campaign to stop The Pirate Bay, you just can't keep a good pirate site down. We've already spotted at least two clones of KAT, including one created by IsoHunt ( — a fairly limited mirror), and a second located at

A statement emailed to The Verge from the creators of claims the site is "hosted on multiple cloud servers to prevent blockade, and the hosting information is well hidden behind Cloudflare." The anonymous contact said they'd improved on the original KickassTorrents site by adding a mobile version, and noted (with the original, ambiguous, wording retained here) that the site "will has the complete torrent database of KAT, including the comments, user information intact." We're not sure whether that means has this complete log of comments, etc., or will have it at some point in the future. At the time of writing this article, access to was spotty.

All this shows what we already knew: that you can't completely remove piracy sites from the internet, but you can discourage those who want to run them. The Department of Justice's statement on KAT's alleged founder and operator, 30-year-old Artem Vaulin, charges him with "unlawfully distributing well over $1 billion of copyrighted materials," and claims that he collected roughly $16 million in advertising revenue a year. KickassTorrents may be back (sort of), but Vaulin's future is about get a lot tougher.

Update July 30th, 09:40AM ET: The cat-and-mouse game continues: has been taken down, and the site has been moved over to Expect that to change eventually too.


Was there ever any doubt that it would?

No. The difficult part each time is to find the best copy. When tpb went down, a lot of copy appeared. Very few of them were actually trustworthy.

Great! is not online!

You should’ve read the article.

There are merely a few mirrors available. Main website is down (for now at least).

Learn to read the article

also is giving errors all the time it is unusable are unable to keep up with traffic. i keep getting 500 internal server error

well hidden behind Cloudflare

So … they can just go and ask Cloudfare for the info?

If by they you mean the US government, then sure Cloudflare doesn’t offer any protection. On the other hand there are a bunch of other governments that would like to block sites via IP and can’t that easily force Cloudflare into cooperation.

Yeah I meant the US, which is by far the most invasive government on this subject.

Take down one site, two shall launch in its place. Hail Pirates.

free my wigga Artem Vaulin!!! He ain’t do nothing

So why did they even bother to arrest the guy? To discourage piracy for a few hours and waist a bunch of tax payer dollars in the process. Now there’s no way Kat will honour DMCAs anymore because it obviously offered them no protection, so even copyright holders are worse off. Good work.

They just want to scare the guys hosting these sites. Nothing else.

Did KAT archive its magnets in the same way TPB did when it feared it may be shut down forever?

Found this one a couple days ago:

Meanwhile China can copy and steal anything and SELL it back to americans for a profit.

Seems like our government has its priorities messed up.

The reason torrent sites exist is that the provide a service other companies refuse to provide. When I didn’t make a lot of money I torrented because I could not afford the media otherwise. There will always always be some people in that situation.

When I made more money, I tried services like Netflix and Amazon video but they did not have anything I wanted. Apple had a lot of what I wanted but I could not pay a single monthly fee to stream wwhatever movies I wanted the way apple music ( which I love) let’s me stream any song that I want.

The movie industry need to loosen their stranglehold and give people what they want for a fair price.

One other thing tormenting movies does it let you preview a movie before you go see it in the theater. Sure, you get a low quality copy, but it’s good enough to let you know if the movie is good like Captain America Civil War, or if it stinks, like Ghostbusters. I don’t know how to duplicate that service legally, but probably people smarter than me will figure it out.

I really believe that movie theaters will be obsolete in the near future. They will probably be replaced by a combination of VR tech and home theater tech.

The reason torrent sites exist is that the provide a service other companies refuse to provide.

That service being "giving product away for free," I take it.

No the service being I can buy movies, in good quality, shortly after their release, without drms ^^

Best copy for me : better then … you are welcome

Dude, thanks for sharing but seriously, once was enough.

You don’t need to post this 4 times.

he collected roughly $16 million in advertising revenue a year.

Wow. I knew they had a lot of traffic but that’s pretty nuts. Especially for a website with almost no production costs.

With all the IP linking from Google and Apple it is probably a good think KAT is down, less people being traced.

But as long as the industry doesn’t fix the ’ any content when I want it where I want it for a decent price’ problem torrent sites wil be around. Right now one of the biggest issues is the split up market, so many companies trying to carve out their own island. HBO, Amazon, Netflix, etc. I want to combine the shows I want to see and get those anywhere, not pay for HBO with maybe 10% content I want, same for nextflix, same for amazon.

And the biggest joke: KAT had / has a better collection of cult movies than any online service.

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