Microsoft adds Pokémon detector to OneDrive to locate monster screenshots

Microsoft is making a number of changes to OneDrive today, but the feature that stands out is a new Pokémon detector. OneDrive has been sorting pictures into tags by detecting if photos are of food, buildings, animals, drink, and many more. Pokémon seems to be the latest tag, and if you use OneDrive on Windows, Android, or iOS to backup photos then it will automatically detect all your Pokémon screenshots and allow you to search for each monster by name.

If Pokémon isn't your thing, Microsoft has also improved a number of other OneDrive features today. Automatic albums creates photo collages of pictures that have been taken during a short period of time in a specific location. The best photos are placed in an album, and you can access them from the mobile apps, online, or through the Windows 10 photos app.

OneDrive is also getting an "on this day" feature that will surface photos you took in the past. Those might be memories you'd rather forget, or photos of old vacations, birthdays, and anniversaries. Search is getting improved on OneDrive, so finding pictures you've taken of your cat or whatever else you want to find is a lot easier. Microsoft is also tweaking the photo folders on OneDrive with hero images and general UI improvements, and the photos app for Windows 10 will now show you all of your photos from OneDrive, including local or cloud-based albums.

Pokémon Go Advanced Tips


Microsoft likes Pokémon but Pokémon doesn’t like Microsoft…

Or Sony.

Wow, they beat Google to it.

Out of all the features to implement → they chose this stupid ass feature to implement.

Pokemon everybody… Pokemon!

So what have you lost by them implementing this?

Note they also added other features as well.

I mean it was probably just a case of running some sample pokemon screenshots through their existing infrastructure for it to ‘learn’ the signature of pokemon go screenshots, not the result of some massive new engineering effort, but ok.

I am not a fan of the new automatic album detection, if only because it detected pictures which I did not want placed in albums.

Fortunately, it leaves the files themselves alone on the disk, so I can still browse them that way.

This is a fantastic feature not for its usefulness for adults, but just the AI and learning behind is quite impressive. My kids (who are pokemon crazy) are super impressed with this.

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