Microsoft investigating significant Surface Pro 3 battery issues

Microsoft is investigating widespread reports of battery issues with its line of Surface Pro 3 devices. Reports of Surface Pro 3 battery drain originated back in May, and some users are now reporting that their devices only last up to an hour after a full charge. It's not clear exactly what's causing the issues, but most Surface Pro 3 users who are experiencing the problems have SIMPLO batteries installed in their devices. Microsoft used SIMPLO and LG to manufacture batteries for the Surface Pro 3, and it appears that the SIMPLO ones are affected by capacity issues.

"We are aware of some customers reporting a scenario with their Surface Pro 3 batteries in which the system is reporting lower battery capacity than expected," says a Microsoft spokesperson in a statement to The Verge. "This is a top priority for our team, and we are working quickly to understand the root cause. If you are experiencing this scenario, please contact Microsoft customer support."

While Microsoft is encouraging affected users to contact customer support, a 24-page thread on Microsoft's support forums has gone unanswered. A lot of affected batteries appear to deteriorate during the month of May, which could suggest a firmware update issue or simply a faulty batch of batteries. As the Surface Pro 3 was originally released back in 2014, most devices are out of warranty and affected users have to spend hundreds of dollars to replace the faulty batteries.


Meanwhile this 231 page forum thread on the Surface Pro 4 problems with waking from sleep trundle on.

Thank you for contacting Microsoft Surface Support! Your complaint will be ignored in the order it was received.

They’ll have to swallow the repair costs for the out of warranty Surfaces. They can’t afford a debacle like Apple’s past GPU issue.

Wasn’t that Nvidia’s issue? It included the likes of Apple, Dell, etc.

I don’t think MS made the batteries themselves, so it’s similar

If these are faulty batteries I’m sure the battery supplier will be the one picking up the bill.

I must of had one of these. My battery life was terrible.

So was mine but it wasn’t until after the update to Windows 10. I went from 9 hours of internet surfing time to 4 hours, maybe 5 if I turned the brightness down to 25% and enabled battery saver mode.

its the SIMPLO battery

how can folks tell if they have a simplo battery without opening it up?

I still get 7-10 hours on my i5 SP3. I guess I have the LG battery.

Welp, my warranty expires tomorrow.

If Microsoft thinks they can charge more than a macbook for these machines, they need to start investing in top shelf components

Why not update the article to reflect MS saying it’s fixable by a software update and the batteries are not bad?

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