Apple is investing in augmented reality, says Tim Cook

James Bareham / The Verge

It’s Apple earnings day, which means analysts are allowed to ask Tim Cook probing questions about when the new iPhone is coming out and he is allowed to dance around those questions with exquisite grace.

But sometimes Cook actually answers those questions with real info — as he just did when asked about the Pokemon Go phenomenon and the future of AR. “We are high on AR in the long run,” he said. Here’s the full quote:

It also does show that AR can be really great. We have been and continue to invest a lot in this. We are high on AR for the long run, we think there’s great things for customers and a great commercial opportunity. The number one thing is to make sure our products work well with other developers’ kind of products like Pokemon, that’s why you see so many iPhones in the wild chasing Pokemons.

(Cook actually pronounced it “Poke-mans,” which was adorable.)

Cook also said that he thinks “AR can be huge,” but expressed some doubt about it being the next new platform. “There’s a tendency to call everything the next platform... but regardless, it will be huge.”

We’ve long heard that Apple is more interested in AR than VR, and this pretty much firms it up. So that’s Apple and Microsoft on the AR side, Google and Facebook on Team VR. Let the battle begin.


Google does both VR and AR. See Project Tango for Google’s AR initiatives.

Thanks for that Mr. Google Marketing Rep. Google’s AR initiatives is exactly what I wanted to delve into on this article regarding Apple’s interest in VR.

For perspective, my comment was in response to this from the article.

So that’s Apple and Microsoft on the AR side, Google and Facebook on Team VR. Let the battle begin.

Your knee-jerk reaction is unnecessary.

Not to forget that MS is also investing in VR.

They were partnering with oculus and were said to be building their own cheaper VR headset

The point is that Apple keeps claiming to be investing in AR but doesn’t actually have a single product or even a hint of a product to show for it.

Google, on the other hand, is responsible for Pokemon Go. They created Niantic Labs and then gave them money specifically to make Pokemon Go.

It will be like the apple watch – people expect too much these days.
Just let Apple follw what it wants not what you want

Google is responsible for Pokemon?

Is that like how Apple is responsible for every current smartphone on the planet? You know, they gave the assemblers money

No, they’re responsible for Pokemon Go.

"The Pokémon Company, Google and Nintendo are investing up to $30 million in Niantic, Inc., which includes an initial $20 million upfront and an additional $10 million in financing conditioned upon the company achieving certain milestones. We will be using this capital to continue the development of Pokémon GO, to evolve and grow Ingress and its thriving global community, and to build out our real-world gaming platform."

Considering the fact that Niantic started out as a Google project and Google are still large investors in it, it’s not really that far off to say that Google is in a way responsible for it.

Then that explains why the app is so awful

What in the world are you talking about?

Something we would disagree about and get into a silly fight over

Firstly, this is the first time Apple has even mentioned AR so where do you get "Apple keeps claiming"?

Secondly, what REAL AR or VR product does Google have that you are referring to? Pokemon or Ingress software?

Google spends millions marketing products that do not exist yet and probably never will succeed in the market at all. Apple spends $0 marketing products that they are working on and researching and spends zero time talking about them unless pressured by press or shareholders.

Tech bloggers and sites like this love Google because they constantly feed the machine with fantasy with a few great ‘real’ products sprinkled in too. Based upon rumors and hearsay from Apple engineers, Apple is actually working on a lot more than Google – they just don’t telegraph the world every single idea the way Google does.

That’s utter and complete nonsense.

We know Google is working on VR because they had products like Google Cardboard and they’ve updated Android to become a native VR platform with REAL APIS that you can use TODAY!

We know Google is working on AR because they have shipping products and APIs that you can use TODAY!

We know Google is working on self-driving cars, because GODDAMNIT, we see them roaming the streets TODAY!

There’s no proof, none whatsoever, that Apple is working on AR or VR or autonomous vehicles.

Google is not marketing shit. They are actually doing shit. That we can see, and test, and use today. The only company guilty of marketing and peddling vaporware here is Apple.

When has Apple EVER declared what they were making before they were fully ready to show it off to the public? If Apple not saying they’re doing something in advance means they aren’t doing anything besides vaporware, then I guess all those Macs and iPhones must be imaginary. Showing incremental steps in research has never been Apple’s MO.

Do you have any clue what you’re talking about? Please provide examples of Google marketing anything that isn’t already on the market or soon to be released?

Google can announce something is coming, but that doesn’t mean they’re marketing it. Do you even understand what marketing is?

Actually they were referring to the quote in the article which only mentioned Google doing VR and didn’t mention AR.

Don’t forget Glass which is still a thing, apparently.

same with Microsoft, with Windows Holographic. However Microsoft doesn’t make a headset for VR only AR/MR

AR is one thing, but what I really want is something like GearVR and Google Daydream for iPhone (7 onwards I guess, since Cardboard is kind of crummy on the 6S’s resolution).

Do it better than cardboard by adding in true motion tracking rather than accelerator approximation that leads to positional drift, and like Daydream, optimize the graphics stack for VR low latency.

Calling it now. Either iPatch or Monocle.

iContact, obvz

iEye (el Capitan!)

No this is the Jony Ive Era.

No ‘i’.

It will be called….. "Sight".

Then there will a clip of Ive in White Linen Pants standing over sad Keanu.

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