Google Maps for iOS now supports multiple destinations

Google Maps is adding a very useful feature to iOS today: the ability to add multiple stops to a single trip. Rather than only directing you from point A to point B, Maps can now bring you from point B to point C, D, E, and so on, making it much easier to plan a trip if you intend to bounce around and make occasional pitstops.

This feature has been available on the web for a while now, and it launched on Android a month ago today. Bringing the feature to mobile makes it all around more useful, as it'll make it easier to use Maps as a GPS replacement while in the car. Google also rolled out a design update to Maps this week.



I have been waiting for this!

Wasn’t this already a thing? I’ve been able to add multiple destinations on my iPhone for a while now by hitting the search button while in navigation view.

Technically yes, but the implementation is different with this.

That was for adding unplanned stops along a trip, like food or coffee. Now you can specifically add multiple destinations in advance.

File this under, FINALLY, thank you.

What took them so long?!

Gets closer to a 10 year old TomTom all the time…

Wasn’t this available since month ago?

Multi destination for driving, but not for walking or transit…. genius.

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