Spotify launches new portal dedicated to video game music

Spotify has launched a new portal for music dedicated to gaming. The project brings video game music of all kinds into one place, covering both original soundtracks as well as playlists curated by Spotify staff and members of the community.

That means you can sink into original music from games like No Man's Sky, Minecraft, Portal, and the entire Halo series, or pick mood music that suits your next gaming session. A rap playlist titled "Power Gaming" features tracks from the likes of Dr. Dre, Desiigner, and Eminem, while an Outrun-themed list takes its inspiration from '80s games and movies to deliver a driving, synth-heavy selection. Some of the playlist titles — like "Epic Gaming" — are a bit patronizing, but the music selection is usually solid.

One of our favorites has to be the soundtrack for Grand Theft Auto V, already a work of brilliant curation in itself. However, we also hope Spotify manages to add more OSTs soon. Personally speaking, some original (non-orchestral) Final Fantasy soundtracks by Nobuo Uematsu would really go down a treat.


Considering Spotify is only for PS, it’d be nice if this was a service on the side so Xbox could get some love.


Funny how The Verge used a picture of an Xbox One controller when the system doesn’t even have Spotify support!

It’s not about Xbox having "support." It’s about Spotify not putting their software on Xbox One (or created a real UWP) because of deals with Sony.

I was never a big fan of Sony, but with PS4 is has become an increasingly pointless game of backroom exclusivity with no technological reason behind it. I hope Sony dies, to be honest.

I just want it to happen already. I don’t even see why Spotify bothered to make that exclusive deal with Playstation considering their value proposition.

Thought the same thing. I had a glimmer of hope when I saw a Spotify article with an image of an Xbox one controller on it.

Only for PS? I have it on my phone and computer.

Microsoft has Groove and universal apps to make this happen.

So I can listen to the Halo 2 and 3 soundtracks on Spotify, but not Groove Music, Microsoft’s own music service who own the games? Seems about right.

I can listen to Marty O’Donnels Halo music all day. A few songs from 4-5 are also good but nothing beats the haunting songs from the originals.

This is awesome…regretting my switch to Apple Music day by day. It’s great having integration with my Watch but it’ll probably get neglected by Apple feature wise.

Doing a simple search for "video game soundtrack" in Apple Music brings up a somewhat long and distinguished list of gaming soundtracks. Obviously having a dedicated section to this type of music is definitely easier but it’s not like the same music isn’t available. Spotify just made it easier to find.

Apple Music is still great. No need to regret it. If you really dislike Apple Music just cancel the subscription and go with Spotify. They’re both subscription-based services with zero cancelation penalties. It’s not like purchasing a car that you regret buying 3 months later. And they both cost the same (so long as you sign up via Spotify’s website rather than through the App Store) so I’m not sure why you haven’t already switched if you regret Apple Music that much.

Maybe playlist recreation but if you’re that unhappy it should be worth it.

Nice. I for some reason I was expecting unofficial songs related to gaming. In that case, it would need the – SuperMario SuperBrooklyn remix from SuSmith&Wesson (CocoaBrovas).

I’m not sure "epic gaming" is that patronizing. It’s a really short way of saying what you’d need 100 descriptors otherwise. I love running to Epic video game music, and I don’t want to filter and search for choral music with sweeping melodies and major chord progression, etc…

Sweet. Video game music is becoming more and more of what I listen to, most of them not having lyrics and being designed to not fully take away your attention make them great work music.

When is Apple Music following suit or do they still think that their "curators" have better taste in music than us?

How interesting

Spotify good. Spotify wise. All hail Spotify.

Saltify please


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