Twitter might be bringing Night Mode to iPhone users

Last month, Twitter added a night mode for Android users, hoping that it would drive people to use the app and boost its flagging userbase. The update wasn’t extended to iOS users, who were left it in the dark (no pun intended). Now, it looks like Twitter might finally be adding night mode to its iOS app soon: it’s included in the latest beta build for iOS.

The setting is only available for beta users. The feature can be found in settings, where there’s a new night mode toggle option.

Night mode for iOS looks very similar to its Android counterpart with its navy blue color scheme. Unfortunately, there’s no way to automatically turn on night mode based on what time of day it is or based on your phone’s display brightness. I haven’t turned off night mode for Twitter on Android since it launched, and I think I’m doing the same thing for iOS.

There’s no word when this feature will publicly launch, but given that it’s in its beta stage, we’re hoping it’ll be in the next major update.


Okay. So what the hell is Night Mode?

When you’re up all night long and you’re drunk, you can see your drunk tweets in better quality.

Well, it’s not like Twitter is attracting any new users anyway… so this fine for now..

If I read light on dark text for too long I get dizzy and my head hurts, that’s why I don’t use night mode on the Android app.

Dark/night mode for days.

It’s seriously the only last Windows Phone feature left that is not out system wide for Android or iOS.

This would be great for iPhone users
I definitely prefer the dark mode of Twitter on Android. The white is just too much.

Been having it on Tweetbot for quite a while already.

Interesting…. especially when AMOLED is on iPhone in the future.

I don’t think we would see a benefit with AMOLED unless dark mode was literally black (#000000). It looks like dark mode is a dark navy blue here, which means the pixels would still be on.

Black is indeed the most power efficient. But switching from white to blue also yields ~50% power savings. They don’t have to be in a pure "off" state to save power.

Very interesting! I was not aware that it also saved power via darker colors as well.

Thank you for posting.

My understanding at a high level is the closer to black it is the less backlit strength it needs to maintain the same nits.

OLED doesn’t work with backlight, so it’s just the darker the color on the screen, the less bright the R, G and B subpixels are, and less intensity= less energy.

It’s still easier on the eyes though

I feel twitter is necessary for journalists marketers and advertisers to use, but for everyone else it’s not that interesting to use to share information anymore. I still use it to look up information, but that’s about it.

Twitter is having a mid-life crisis. Twitter wanted to be a realtime stuff engine. The stuff part changed from products, cool things and now news. It’s trying to streamline entire twitter for that exact "stuff" part but, is failing to do fast.

I’ll elaborate on that.
Initially the stuff became for celebrities interaction, twitter started out with verified profiles and then nothing. Facebook late to the game but, created verified profiles, a separate app called mentions that can streamline entire experience for that particular use case, tackled troll accounts, pages and online harassment better to create a better place for celebrities to join in.

Then, the stuff became news. Twitter already had hashtags and then nothing. Very late and only now is that twitter started adding countries flags with hashtags and scores on hashtags. It did have mentions as an effort which UX wise & concept wise was really bad. They need to come up something like Summly.
Facebook trumps twitter here too. It was again late to the game but, created trends with better hero images especially movie trailers, interviews with content from authorized page, etc.

Latest funda was & is live video. Twitter was way early with periscope. That’s all there’s to it. The one thing they did was kill meerkat in the process (poor kid)
Again…., facebook came late to the party but, provided better integrations and made live video very much part of the core facebook experience, I doubt after 1-2 years, they’ll move it out as separate app once they get traction. The most commendable part of Facebook live video emergence was Mark conducting conferences, townhall meetings, etc on it so gathering more audience.

I could go on about how they missed app install advertisements, image sharing, tourism, location-based articles like Snapchat, filters, etc

Nice. I use Tweetbot and have the Night theme permanently enabled.

I expected a screenshot of the timeline.

Wait… there is a night mode? All those days wasted.

I wouldn’t be surprised that Twitter will release an update for its iOS app that works in conjunction with the Night Mode of iOS 9.2 and later (if it detects the presence of iOS 9.2 or later installed).

Good timing, now that Apple brought out Night Mode in iOS 9.3.

I know some people have 32-bit phones, like my 5, but honestly, what weird timing.

Can’t innovate no more my ass™

PS: been using Night Mode – activated with an innovative 2-finger swipe – on TweetBot for years; also, no stupid ads on TweetBot!

Wow, slow day huh

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