The Tesla Semi and minibus will be unveiled in 2017, Elon Musk confirms

Tesla released its second quarter earnings this evening, and during the subsequent investor call CEO Elon Musk put a more specific timetable on the company’s recently announced plans for making an electric semi truck and minibus. The company now plans to unveil the new vehicles in early to mid 2017, according to Musk.

“We expect to unveil those for the middle of next year, maybe the next six to nine months type of thing. And then [we’d] have a better, more fleshed-out plan for when those would enter production,” Musk said. The Tesla CEO had mentioned a possible unveiling in 2017 when he announced the vehicles last month in his updated “Tesla Master Plan” — a follow-up to the goal-specific mission statement that he published for the company back in 2006 — but this was the closest he’s come to discussing an actual date.

It’s a pretty aggressive schedule considering we didn’t know that Musk even wanted to build these vehicles before two weeks ago. And it looks even more aggressive when you realize that the middle of next year is when Musk hopes to begin production on the company’s first mass-market car, the Model 3. Musk has said that the bus would be built using the Model X’s architecture, so it doesn’t seem so far-fetched that the company could have a set of working prototypes in time for a spring or summer reveal — after all, the cars that were used during the Model 3 unveiling in April were all prototypes.

But the semi truck would be a relatively new endeavor, and there’s been a lot of recent attention paid to shifting the trucking industry toward electric and autonomous technologies. Musk said that after the unveiling, both vehicles “would enter production within low-single digit years.”

After that, Musk added that the “obvious priority” after Model 3 production would be the compact SUV that was also mentioned in the Master Plan, the one that has been rumored in the past as the “Model Y.” “That’s also a car where we expect to see demand in the 500,000 to 1,000,000-per-year level,” he said. Musk did not, however, mention when the Model Y might be unveiled.


Do you think the Model S and Model X will be able to detect if the Tesla Semi is crossing the road?

That would be awesome.

Why did the troll cross the road?

To get everyone off-side

tough crowd

Nah, you are just a troll.

Not a cheerleader, like, ahem, some, so I can understand the lack of a sense of humor. I will site examples, but links are difficult because there are so many Tesla articles here, but feel free to look them up.

1) Tesla crashes into back of trailer, I point out it should do that and it is dangerous regardless if you click a disclaimer. I got berated. So I said I it wouldn’t be funny if someone got pinned/killed. 4 days earlier, although we didn’t learn until over a month later, a Tesla ran under a trailer without any avoidance triggered and a guy got killed.

2) You claim how great Telsa’s sensor data is and I said it wasn’t…a few days later Tesla fires Mobileye.

3) You say Telsa beat analysts revenue expectations, I give you a link to stating Thomas Reuters consensus wasn’t met. You keep changing the subject to the future, because Musk always paints a rosy picture, but the results for the here and now don’t match the rosy picture painted in 2015.

Tesla is doing great things, but they need to get their shit together and deliver. A lovefest over some future dream is just a distraction to keep up the hype level.

Except you have a history of attacking Tesla at every single Tesla post you make. So your intentions were clearly to troll. And you know that. jaywontdart responded to you also with a joke and you did not seem to have a sense of humor there either.

1) Sorry, completely different issues. If you were there you would not be pinned because the car has no issue detecting people.

2) Tesla was planning to get rid of mobile eye prior to the crash, it has to do with difference in direction. I am sure you thought 5 years ago your mobile phone was great too, but it didn’t bother you to get a new one. If your old phone was so great, why get a new one? That is right, TECHNOLOGY MOVES FORWARD.

3) As far as revenue consensus goes, it is a matter of sources:

Tesla is delivering things, don’t pretend they aren’t.

I will site


This is old trolling. You want updated cutting-edge trolling. Like, if a Tesla Semi collided with a Model S, what would happen?

As i suddenly realize both trolls involve a semi and a model s, i guess i should specify that I’m referring to the one where everyone was shocked a semi rolled over after collision, even though that’s something they’re prone to do when suddenly put off balance.

I am bad at trolling D:

Wow, autodestruction

The rare self-own.

Electric semi is awesome, but I’m curious if he’s thinking about an electric pickup.

He calls pickup as pickup. Though they might be based on the same chassis though.

This sounds a little unhinged. I’m getting the sense that he’s trying to build out hype and keep the stock price high. This seems wayy too aggressive a timeline to be realistic.

He is simply setting out a master plan moving forward, the same master plan they set out to do originally and despite criticism managed to pull off just fine.

Overall, the new master plan is probably less aggressive than the first. As the company becomes larger and larger, it can obviously tackle more and more things simultaneously. That is a given.

And they’re getting larger with what money? They’ve going to need to start generating cash pretty soon. And to do that, they need to start proving they can manufacture at scale while maintaining quality. It’s going to be interesting to see if they can pull it off.

They are getting larger with the money they make on selling cars and stock/bond offerings.

Just to be clear, Tesla is generating a lot of money on selling their cars, they have the highest gross profit margin of any US automaker. What they are losing out on is the spending of that money into rapid growth. (Same as Henry Ford, same as Amazon).

They have went from selling a bit over 2500 cars in 2012 to a bit over 50000 cars in 2015. A growth of almost 20X in 3 years. So they have already proven they can manufacture at scale.

Perhaps. Impressive growth rates to be sure, but they are still tiny minnows in the world of global auto manufacturers. I’m rooting for them, but I’m also trying not to be taken in by Elon Musk’s reality distortion field.

They are getting there. By end of this year, Tesla will have sold more cars than Ferrari during its entire lifetime (a benchmark). So Tesla is already catching up pretty quickly. There is still a long road away from catching up to the really big manufacturers, but in due time.

Fair enough. Would be great for Tesla to succeed and provide a manufacturing success story in the USA.

Hardly a relevant benchmark in that Ferrari deliberately restrict sales to maintain exclusivity and resale value.
Tesla have been hugely successful in a short period but they need to be able to transit to a stable business model.
The proof of the pudding will come with Model 3. I’ve gambled $1000 on them.

It is still a relevant benchmarks despite the restriction since Ferrari is far older than Tesla. And as Tesla grows more and more they will hit more and more benchmarks.

And what do you mean by transition to a stable business model? Their current business model is pretty stable.

It is still a relevant benchmarks despite the restriction since Ferrari is far older than Tesla.

Ferrari is not trying to sell in the numbers Tesla is. You might as well compare Model 3 sales to John Deere tractors.

By end of this year, Tesla will have sold more cars than Ferrari during its entire lifetime (a benchmark).

Average selling price of a Ferrari? Average selling price of a Tesla?

Tesla’s comparables are Benz, BMW, Lexus, not Ferrari. Who cross-shops a Model S and a 488 GTB? Citing Ferrari’s production numbers as a benchmark is deliberate fudging.

That’s kind of normal considering Tesla is the only full electric automaker out there. I’m not even sure you can compare them to the BMW and Mercedes out there.

That’s an oddity and being so they are really impressive.

Tesla is kind of like the Ford or early early days. They are trying to create a huge market but when it does happen though could be that they become the Apple of the auto industry.

Mercedes can only make electric concept cars but Tesla is already has like 10 000 models already. It’s just a matter of time […]

We all know that petrol cars are completely doomed and vowed to disappear in the next 10 to 20 years once batteries become cheaper. Too much scandals with the diesel gate, too much automakers who cannot make them ecological and hence are condemned to lying on the numbers to customers etc.

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