You can now ask Siri and Apple Maps to hail you an Uber

Thanks to the recent arrival of the iOS 10 update, iPhone users can use both Siri and Apple Maps to hail an Uber car. Uber announced back in June that these integrations would be available to customers soon, and now here they are.

To get these latest features just download iOS 10, and then update your Uber app. Then you can either ask Siri to call you an Uber, or do it within Apple Maps under the "Ride" tab.

You can already hail an Uber from within Google Maps, after the search giant started adding ride-hail options under their own dedicated tab.


Weird. When I ask Siri for an über it’s only offering über xl. When I open the app the other choices are available. Is this a bug or some default setting I can change?

Picture of an Android phone on an IPhone article.. wow..

It’s called courage… I’m sorry that joke is old, I’ll see me self out

Did you guys really think that the best picture for this article is one of a Nexus 6?

You could do it with Cortana when the uber app came out, I think!

Just saying… don’t forget us few, us proud, us dejected

Doesn’t work with USC Uber

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