Google made a bunch of ads to remind you what Duo is

Google really wants people to use its new video chat app Duo. So much so that it made not one or even two, but five different video ads promoting the service. The ads, five full 30-second ones and another five shortened 15-second versions, are polished and professional spots, with anthropomorphic jam jars and socks showing off the app's benefits like its standout live preview feature. The blitz is a bit perplexing, but so is the existence of Duo. The app is a FaceTime clone, but it remains separate from Google's new Allo chat app, itself a competitor to iMessage and Facebook Messenger.

Google also refuses to merge any of these services into Hangouts, its existing multi-platform video, chat, and call service that lives on mobile and inside Gmail and Google+. So maybe Google does need five ads to explain Duo, lest we confuse it for another product in Google's byzantine social labyrinth.

Update 12:24PM ET, September 15th: Clarified that of the 10 videos Google published, five are full 30-second ads and five are shortened 15-second versions.


You know, for all the flack Google had about their messaging fragmentation before the announcement of Allo and Duo, you’d think they would have had a strategy to explain exactly why those two apps existed separately from each other and/or Hangouts. Instead, they acted shocked when people brought it up, and decided just to plow ahead anyways.

For the record, a whole 2 people in my contact list have installed Duo. One of them is my wife. We’ve used it precisely once.

At this point, I’m hoping they haven’t released Allo yet because they’re just going to bury it.

They have said they want hangouts to be their business focused chat app. Allo / Duo will be their consumer facing chat apps. Not sure why Allo / Duo are separate.

Why doesn’t everyone just use FaceTime. It just works.

Because it’s not available on Android, which has a large majority of the OS marketshare.

Thanks Google, but nah; fix your stuff like a responsible developer.

Been burned one too many times, say I get this and then it falls short of your expectations; what’s stopping you from killing it like the others?

I feel like someone needs to remind Google what Hangouts is.

Hangouts is for work, AKA "Wangouts".

They thought it would be easier to convince the general public to use two new apps for messaging than to create a new business-focused one for businesses to start using??

That’s idiotic.

Yep, nothing I associate more with hanging out than being in my cubicle 9-5. Branding win!

Downloaded and forgot all about it. Only valuable if you convince others to download and not forget it exists

You mean like I already had to do with Hangouts? At thins point I am seriously considering using Slack as my primary messenger service if only because if I familiarize myself with it then I will have developed a skill I can use in the workplace some time in the future maybe.

You can familiarize yourself with Slack in a couple of hours. Don’t sweat it.

So Google wants us to use blue GChat and red Gchat along with green GChat? Or are blue and red replacing green GChat like how green GChat replaced original GChat?

I gave up on Google messaging services!

I’d like to ask the group here if anyone knows of a messaging service with even a modicum of popularity that merges text and IM (like how hangouts used to do).

I know it’s irrational, but these articles get me a little upset because it’s just a reminder of how Google not only doesn’t have a good messaging strategy, but continues to move AWAY from the progress toward a good strategy.

Really? Skype does sms in the same conversation as IM?

Just installed, I don’t see any option for sms

Doesn’t Facebook Messenger do this?

It does not. It separates the two feeds like hangouts does now

Messages/iMessages on iOS lol

I know. That’s the only apple product I would use if given the chance. It’s perfect

Duo is a complete failure in my opinion, and I am a long time Android fan. Creating a communication app that doesn’t work on a tablet because it depends on a phone number will never get Duo off the ground. I am sticking with Skype for now.,

Not that I’d wanna get more crapware and nags on my Nexus, but you’d think they woulda bundled it into the Nougat OTA, or pimped it like they inexplicably still do with Google+ at first setup.

At least Google is promoting Duo. That should be seen as some sort of encouraging sign.

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