GoPro might have accidentally given us our first look at its Karma drone

GoPro might have accidentally given us a sneak peak of its Karma drone. The company announced earlier this week that it would be unveiling the anticipated aircraft for the first time later this month. A since-removed preview on several of the company’s European websites contain a thumbnail of what appears to be the anticipated aircraft.

GoPro will be holding an event on September 19th to show off the drone (and potentially its Hero5 camera). The image on its French, Italian, Spanish and German websites show off a black and white quadcopter, which links right to the company’s Karma page.

The site also showed off a previously unannounced stabilizer, which led directly to a 404 page.

This isn’t the first time that information has leaked from GoPro: in August, pictures of the Hero5 camera leaked, followed shortly thereafter by its manual, showing off details of the company’s upcoming cloud service, which will be called GoPro Plus.

Updated to reflect GoPro's removal of the images.


As someone who doesn’t know anything about anything I think Gopro might be in trouble if they are mostly depending on this to save their company from not growing, unless it’s a quantum leap over the existing drones. Isn’t the drone market already oversaturated tons of other companies? The hero is great because it’s the first mainstream, easy to use action cam that had great marketing, but I would imagine a lot of potential buyers of this have already spent money on their existing drones and are fine with it.

This is great because they finally have product offerings that match those of DJI. It’s a total must for them.

not total match of DJI though, maybe DJI’s Phantom and Osmo
but DJI also has small MFT camera with Inspire drone
high-end Matrice 600 professional drone and Ronin gimbal system

Accidentally? Haha! You’re so ingenuous.

Can’t wait to see what this GoPro Karma drone can do. There is a short Karma tease video on twitter and it looks to have great quality. There are some pictures of the drone already of different websites and it looks to only have a 2 axis gimbal which isn’t great. View the GoPro Karma teaser video here.

Seems to be matching the image leaked in June. Chassis color, landing gear, and gimbal are the same. There’s also a slight curve behind the gimbal.

Looks like an updated Hero Session as well – the greyish trim on the front face seems new.

4K 30fps anyone?

Basically in-house version of the 3DR Solo is what that looks like. Curious what flight controller they will be using. Pixhawk 2, worked out a deal with DJI and use naza, or something entirely different. I honestly hope they are using 3DR/Pixhawk2 since the features available best naza in a lot of cases.

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