The Pokémon Go Plus wearable will launch next week

The Pokémon Go Plus wearable will be released on September 16th, developer Niantic Labs has announced, almost two months after its planned launch date. The $35 device — a wrist-mounted BlueTooth sensor that vibrates when pokémon and pokéstops are near — was originally set for launch at the end of July, but was pushed back until September without explanation. Nintendo apologized to customers who preordered the Pokémon Go Plus after the release delay was initially announced, promising them a discount on future purchases. It's an approach that seems to have worked — the device remains sold out at both Amazon and GameStop.

Pokémon Go developer Niantic Labs and the Pokémon Company announced the revised release date shortly after Apple's September 7th press conference, at which Niantic confirmed that an Apple Watch version of the app was on its way. The developer may hope that the new version and wearable will help reverse its player exodus: Pokémon Go's popularity has dipped since its launch, dropping from 45 million active users in late July to 30 million in mid-August.


Waiting for it (and now the Apple Watch app) to come out so it can be reverse-engineered into a Pebble app.

What with the delay, the drop in player numbers and the announcement that the same and more will be possible with the iWatch, I would expect thousands of these to be available on ebay pretty soon

why even bother now apple watch ftw and now that the first gen is even cheaper too

Who even plays Pokémon GO anymore? The hype is sort of gone. They should have released the game earlier in the summer, not a month before class started.
I know, I know, it may not have been ready in May/June, but maybe it was.
I’m just saying, they could’ve made so much more money than they did. (during the peak of PokeGo, they were making over $1M a day)

There is no way they could have sustained that level of engagement. Their biggest issue is that this is pretty much a single player game, the only group interactions happen outside of the app. If they at least added local battling or trading they could have kept interest up at least a bit longer.

The thing is, they are still on top of the app store in terms of revenue and likely will stay there until Super Mario Run is released (And I doubt that one will stay up there as it is a one time purchase.)

Trying to grasp what this does for you. Don’t you already get all this information on the display of the App?

And if you keep the app running and not visible it just churns your battery, so you probably wouldn’t want that going all the time. Is that the market?

Why are you advertising Pokemon Go for free? Can you also advertise my game?

Seems like they keep making bad moves. Why isn’t there enough? And… will people still be interested by the time they re release this? I’m not gonna Camp for this thing on black Friday. This company just always seems to be behind the power curve. They need to hire on experienced employees.. And just plan better. The Pokemon company should’ve got a better contact when licensing thier name out.

To put it like this.. the Pokemon line is still popular. People purchase game systems for Pokemon games. Now.. to release a Pokemon game on say.. a mobile device. And be shocked that so many people downloaded and played? To not be ready for that is ridiculous. In all honesty is say out of the people who no longer play, I’d guess 50% stopped playing due to frustrations with the game as well as zero company feedback with trouble tickets. Now you’ve released a product that could really boost your company and once again you’re incapable of supporting the numbers.

My Favorite PokeMon Go Tracker is also closed by them and I am really feeling bad for it.

I’m posting it here cause I’ve personally sent in tickets and they don’t reply. No way of knowing if they even care about issues you bring up.. it’s just sad. Nearly a billion $ project and its run by understaffed dumb asses that are letting so many interested customers leave due to negligence. Fix your information flow. And Pokemon & Nintendo should be on thier asses about this. Not redirecting us to a company’s website that won’t reply to us.

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