Microsoft to unveil Surface all-in-one PC in late October

Microsoft has been testing a variety of Surface all-in-one PCs, and the company is expected to unveil at least one model during a hardware event next month. ZDNet reports that Microsoft will unveil a Surface-branded device currently codenamed "Cardinal" at an event in New York City. Sources familiar with Microsoft's Surface plans tell The Verge that the company is currently targeting a late October hardware launch event.

Previous reports have suggested that Microsoft is working on three Surface-branded all-in-one PCs that will be available in stores later this year. Windows Central previously reported that Microsoft has tested 21-inch, 24-inch, and 27-inch models, but it's not clear if the software maker will launch all three screen sizes. Microsoft hinted back in July that it was planning to launch a new Surface-branded device this year, and three more for next year. Microsoft could also use its event to refresh its Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 devices with Intel's latest Kaby Lake processors, but the company is likely to wait until next year to unveil true successors.

Microsoft is also planning two major software updates to Windows 10 next year, with the first expected to debut alongside new hardware in early 2017.


Hmm. Curious to see how this will play out. I don’t know how much audience there is for an all-in-one that doesn’t say "iMac" on it.

There should be some.. I always thought about owning an iMac and run Windows 10 on it..

Done it! I had an iMac and needed to run Windows in Boot Camp for my work. After a couple of years, I realized I was never booting into OSX at all anymore…I just kept it in Windows all the time. So I ended up replacing the iMac with a Windows AIO, which I’m still using.

The only thing a Surface AIO would do is make me painfully aware of the extent to which I could not afford it.

Well putting Surface on it might help a lot. Surface is the de facto luxury brand in the Windows 10 space. If I’d buy any all in one desktop (or might aspire to one) running Windows 10 the one from the Surface team would be the one (and I can say that sight unseen)!

With a superb design of Surface+ SurfaceBook + Xbox ……. Surface all-in-one

If MS able to keep themselves together.

The Surface phone surely will have a shoulder of magnesium Golem to stand on

I truly hope Satya will keep using the Surface brand to push the envelope. That one thing within Microsoft that sets the bar for OEMs within the Windows 10 ecosystem. Surface should always be a premium brand to provide the halo effect within the Windows 10 ecosystem.

By keeping prices at a premium level it provides OEMs the opportunity to undercut the Surface on price while Microsoft remains in a position where it could use the brand to move the Industry forward and ask premium prices for their hardware (while providing OEMs with the opportunity to undercut those prices and use Surface devices as a blue print for future devices and categories without them self having to take the financial risk in trying to push the industry forward)

If they put the power button, card reader, 3.5mm jack and some USB ports anywhere but the back of machine, then they’ll have made an all in one ten times more desirable to me than any iMac regardless of OS.

We will just have to see if the Surface team can make something lust-worthy one more time…


I still think an AIO is one of the more ridiculous purchases one can make. I’m not sure what Microsoft could possibly do to change my mind.

It won’t be your average AIO. That’s all I’ll say.

Agh, the embargoes..

If it’s just a jumbo-sized Surface Pro (with kickstand and pen support, and hopefully a dGPU) then it’d be a 27" drawing/engineering/all-that-awesome-stuff tablet.

I like the sound of that.

24" Surface Book-like concept, 3 hr undocked battery life to get through a movie or drawing/design session, GPU in the base that is heavy and stable for desktop touch use.

So you’re saying its a 27" Courier.

I get the feeling it’s going to including the ability to use the Surface pen(which not many AIO can use), but slight even newer gen than what the SP4 and SB come with, and a quad core cpu(maybe 7th gen H variant or the new quad core U variant).

Of course it’s going to include a Surface pen. It’s one of the signature things about the Surface Brand.

AIO cum tablet?

Everybody should know by now the Surface team don’t do conventional. Whether it be the Surface Pro which is a ‘tablet that can replace your laptop’ or the Surface Book which had the last minute twist of having a detachable screen.

The Surface AIO will be no different, MS will have a few tricks up their sleeve for sure. Personally I think it will have a new interaction mode similar to the original table top Surface whereby it will be able to identify and interact with physical objects you place onto it when its in a flat position.

Everybody should know by now the Surface team don’t do conventional

They are the Tech Worlds Skunk Works, bringing the future to the present.

HP made an AIO that was using an overhead camera, I played around with it at Bestbuy it was cool but for $2000 it was not worth it. I don’t think it sold very well….

I’m guessing the computer is in the stand and the screen is a super light wireless monitor that works as a touch device when you pick it up. Like a Surface Book clipboard, only with desktop horsepower.

It won’t be your average AIO. That’s all I’ll say.

Giant Surface-like AIO’s have already been done.

So have AIO’s that convert into a touch work space.

I’ll concede if you happen to have a need for something like this then it’s going to give you a better user experience than a standard desktop.

Traditional AIO’s are still ridiculous though.

Swappable components maybe? HP tried a "pro" all in one a while ago where you could change out the GPU etc.

I like the looks of AIOs but I’m too cheap to buy a montior and PC together, and then discard the PC after a few years and have to buy the monitor again.

Why is an AIO a ridiculous purchase ? Most companies wish to bring a certain cleanliness and aesthetic to their workspace and of course ugly desktop boxes and multiple seperate modules (desktop, monitor, webcam etc.) just don’t cut it when you need to create such workspace.

Likewise there are many consumers that like a clean workspace just as well.

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