Dropbox redesigns itself as a hipster file sharing service


Dropbox announced a redesign today that introduces a whole lot more color into its former white-and-blue aesthetic. The new look also includes a flatter box logo that makes it look less like an actual box and more like planes of surface (or an... even more abstract box, for the non-artistic types.)

The new design is the company’s first major revamp in 10 years, and it’s a stark contrast to some of its biggest file sharing competitors like Box, Google Drive, and iCloud — all of which incorporates some version of blue in their logos. The update branches Dropbox out as if it’s the cool kids of file sharing, with a new, squashed-up typeface called Sharp Grotesk to go along with it.

In an interview with AdWeek, Dropbox says it’s hoping the new color combinations help it stand out more among the crowd, and aims to give a “nod to the creativity of our users.” The look and feel is now closer to Adobe than, say, Microsoft OneDrive. Dropbox says the logo colors “can change based on the situation,” though I am unclear on exactly what situation I would need my file sharing service to be a little more mint green than crimson red.

Though the logo is new, most of the web and app UI remains visually similar; it’s still mostly white with blue and grey accents. The new color combinations are more likely to be seen on marketing campaigns and ads than actual interface changes. The company noted to AdWeek that it will be rolling out more ad campaigns “strategically placed in cities and neighborhoods where creative people tend to live and work,” so expect to see more funky hues from Dropbox in the hipster city nearest you.


You really had to use the H-word?

Color can go from a standard Dropbox blue to "whoa."

My eyes are rolling so hard.

Or to "puke."

Yeah the copy exudes "We used a creative consulting firm!"

The whole thing is design porn. What a waste of money.

This redesign reminds me of the Bloomberg’s, and that’s not a good thing.

All I wanted was a cheaper plan that matches Google: $1.99 / month

I would totally sign up for a $1.99 for 100GB or $4.99 for 500GB. The terabyte option is too big of a jump from the free offering.

iCloud has $0.99 for 50 GB and $2.99 for 200 GB.

Ok, but iCloud doesn’t have colorful design.

YES. I’m looking at other services right now because they offer a middle tier instead of requiring 1 TB/$9.99.

Seriously, it’s like Dropbox has completely forgotten who they are and their core product. They haven’t updated the whole "Free 2GB" since launch I think.

Google’s pricing is lowball to just get users onto the Google platform. Dropbox needs to actually make money on it, and their service has been much better than Drive if you don’t use the Docs apps.

They originally had a fantastic sketch/drawing style that’d still look fresh today. Such a shame.

It looked a lot like Microsoft’s skype/one drive design

Gotta give ’em credit for a smooth roll out (they even updated their email user icon), but damn, the copy in the brand doc is a proud act of masturbation.

The logo is fine, but why the hell are all the headings squished?! Just look at that picture above "Welcome to the new Dropbox"… wtf

My eyes… they hurt.

I really don’t like the majority of color schemes they chose.

Somebody please stab me with a butter knife.

Like, what the hell is this? 70s retro style gone wrong! This is just disgusting.

Ugly colors, ugly type, ugly imagery. A big dose of ugly right out of the 90s. Fire your design agency, Dropbox.

90s style is pretty hot right now

But that’s not an excuse to use an awful font

90s style was hot several years ago. It looks dated already.

Ugly type

I agree with you there some might even call it.


barf.. green on peach? turquoise on magenta? these are truly awful combinations. buy these people a color wheel..

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